Aditya Lathar elected post-graduate academic manager – Palatinate

By Emily Doughty

Aditya Lathar was announced as the new post-graduate college officer, winning the by-election held for the role with 49% of the vote. The election came after PG’s former elected academic officer Cynthia Lawson resigned to focus on her upcoming doctoral studies.

Emily Watson came second with 23% of the vote, followed by Zijian Zhao who got 14% of the vote. Liyuan Zhu came in first with 7% of the vote, Keerthi Sudhakar Vasishta came in fifth with 3% of the vote, and Yan Peng came in sixth with 2% of the vote. Reopening Nominations (RON) received 2% of the vote.

228 students voted in the elections with a turnout of 1.36%, significantly lower than the 16.6% of students who voted in the elections held in March for the previous role.

228 students voted in the elections with a turnout of 1.36%

Mr Lathar, a Stephenson College law student and president of Durham University’s Indian Society, had come on a platform of being a voice ‘of all who believed in me and my vision during of the US presidential election”, an election in which he came second. Its policies included launching a “student union-funded university press”, providing free printing facilities at MCRs over the weekend, and lobbying the university to implement implements a “no prejudice” policy for students taking exams offline.

He will join fellow incoming officers Joe McGarry (SU President), Laura Curran (Welfare and Discharge Officer), Joshua Freestone (Undergraduate College Officer) and Jack Ballingham (returning for his second year as a opportunity officer) as they take up their duties next month. .

In a statement on Instagram, Durham SU posted “Congratulations to Aditya and all the candidates who applied for this role. We hope you are all incredibly proud to put forward your vision for Durham”

Image: Amana Moore

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