Alec Jackson Main Spotlight: “Go Out With A Bang”

It wasn’t until the 2019 season that Jackson turned to the opposite side of the line of scrimmage and became an offensive lineman. It turned out to be a successful transition as he played every game that year. In 2020, he started the first seven games at left tackles before breaking his hand against Tennessee – an injury that set him back and required new focus as he sought his return to the field in 2021.

Jackson returned in 2021 and some of his best memories came from that season, including a 24-19 road win over LSU. It was Auburn’s first win at Baton Rouge since 200#.

“Beating LSU at LSU was a great feeling knowing we hadn’t beaten them in a long time,” Jackson said.

However, while specific games stand out, it’s the memories shared with teammates that last forever. Over the years, Jackson has bonded with different players who have become like family, including some who have since left Auburn.

Jackson also has his own growing family, as he and his high school sweetheart, now wife, Carlmesha, are the parents of a son, Ace, and a daughter, A’Lani, who was born in April. But he takes the balance as a student-athlete, father and husband in stride.

“With faith, everything will work itself out,” he says.

Another family that has played a major role in Jackson’s life is the Auburn family.

“The Auburn family means you’re always welcome home,” he said. “If you are anywhere in the United States and you see another family member (Auburn), you will always want to help them because we are FAMILY.”

Nataley Riggs is a student media relations assistant for Auburn Athletics

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