Alvernia expands and restructures its academic programs into a four college model

The University of Alvernia is expanding and restructuring its academic programs by establishing a four-college model and appointing leaders for the College of Business, Communication and Leadership, College of Health Sciences, College of Humanities , Education and Social Sciences and the College of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics.

“This restructuring will bring together departments, campuses, faculty and students to foster interdepartmental dialogue, enhance scholarships, and forge partnerships that deepen the university’s ties within the reading community and beyond.” said University of Alvernia president John R. Loyack. “With new, expanded and updated academic programs, this was the perfect time to restructure for the benefit of our dedicated students and faculty. “

With national research underway for the deans of both colleges, Dr Thomas E. Beeman, administrator emeritus of the University of Alvernia and pioneer in healthcare, has been appointed Acting Dean of the College of Health Sciences, while the College of Business, Communication and Leadership will be represented by Dr Travis Berger, who will assume this liaison function representing the needs of the departments of the college.

Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of the O’Pake Institute for Economic Development and Entrepreneurship, Dr. Rodney Ridley has been appointed Interim Dean of the College of Science, Technology, Engineering, arts and mathematics. After serving the past two years as Interim Dean of Arts and Sciences, Dr. Elizabeth Matteo has been appointed Dean of the College of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences.

“We wanted to build a sense of community among members of university departments, in all colleges and to have a commitment where everyone, on campus, in graduate and undergraduate programs, is all part of the same. structure “ said University of Alvernia Senior Vice President and Rector Glynis Fitzgerald.

“We have a large number of first generation college students and others who know they want to be in the health care profession but need to be exposed to the breadth of the field before determining their best path. Thanks to the new colleges, they will be able to explore, find the path that meets their needs and ultimately their happiness.

Previously, the university was structured into two colleges and a school for graduate and adult education programs. The new department structure is listed below:

College of Business, Communication and Leadership: Business, communication and leadership.

College of Health Sciences: Sports training, doctor of physiotherapy, health sciences, nursing and occupational therapy.

College of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences: Studies in addiction and mental health, criminal justice, education, humanities, psychology and social work.

College of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics: Engineering, fine and performing arts, and science and mathematics.

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