AMA Houston extends 2022 Penny Todd Scholarship and awards two marketing students: Trevor Woeste and Elimar Gonzalez

HOUSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–AMA Houston, the leading resource for educational information, career development and networking for Houston marketing professionals, today announced the two recipients of the AMA Houston Penny Todd Scholarship: Trevor Woeste, student at the University of Houston, and Sam Houston State University student Elimar Gonzalez. . In honor of former AMA Houston President Penny Todd, AMA Houston has awarded more than $30,000 to deserving marketing students since 2016.

“Marketing is a diverse field spanning advertising, public relations, graphic design, digital marketing and more. The field also attracts a diverse set of students and professionals with many backgrounds, interests and talents,” said 2021-2022 AMA Houston President Hami Arrington. “Thanks to the generosity of donors, this year we were pleased to expand the scholarship and award two prizes to two outstanding marketing students, Trevor Woeste and Elimar Gonzalez. They represent the future of marketing championed by Penny Todd. Congratulations from the entire AMA Houston Chapter.

A sophomore at the University of Houston, double majoring in Marketing and Management Information Systems (MIS), Woeste is heavily involved with the AMA University of Houston Collegiate Chapter and has participated in the AMA International Collegiate Conference in Chicago last year, becoming one of 48 out of 400 finalists in their Pitch Perfect contest.

Gonzalez, born in Venezuela and raised in Houston since 2008, is a senior at Sam Houston State University. She will be the first in her family to graduate from an American university. After starting school as a graphic design major, Gonzalez made the brave leap as a junior into mass communications focusing on advertising. She intends to pursue her master’s degree after working for some time in corporate marketing.

Penny Todd was a visionary leader in Houston’s marketing community who had a lasting impact on the future of marketing. His belief in the powerful and important role of marketers in business and society is at the heart of AMA Houston. As 2007-2008 President of AMA Houston, Penny tenaciously sought ways to support marketing students and nonprofit marketers by launching the AMA Houston Gives Back program. Following her passing in 2016, in an effort to honor Penny and build on her philanthropic vision, AMA Houston established the Penny Todd Scholarship.

The scholarship is open to Houston-area undergraduates studying marketing or a related field and is funded by corporate and individual donations made throughout the year. Donations are accepted on the AMA Houston website.

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