Antara Movie Nft will see producers cede 50% of intellectual property to buyers

The NFT Arabian Camels community and Swapp Protocol have launched ‘Antara Movie NFT’, which allows buyers to own up to 50% of the intellectual property rights in ‘Antara’, a $ 50 million feature film based on the life of the Arab knight Antarah Ibn Shaddad.

Arabian Camels will partner with the Swapp protocol to produce the world’s first decentralized feature film production non-fungible token (NFT) with decentralized financing (DeFi) capabilities. The idea behind the partnership with Swapp Protocol is to enable decentralized financial products to eliminate the monetary risk associated with film financing.

“My vision was to create a system to produce films that normally cost over $ 50 million without any risk,” said Alexander Amaratei, producer of Antara. “In addition to eliminating funding risks, this system would allow films to belong to fans, the owners of NFT.”

Swapp’s NFT farming platform will allow Arabian Camel NFT owners to earn passive income on their NFTs. Agriculture helps finance films, while providing direct monetary benefit to those who support the project ahead of theatrical release. This paradigm shift shifts control of the industry away from traditional lenders and production studios and into the hands of the individuals / fans who support the film, invented by Swapp.

“With the power of community, the speed of the Internet and the dexterity of DeFi, we are generating a tectonic shift that will create waves of opportunity in the film industry,” said Tural Bayev, CEO of Swapp Protocol.

Members of the Arabian Camel NFT community will share ownership of the film, obtain roles in the film, be credited as producers, and join the production team for exclusive on-set gatherings in the Arabian Desert with the cast. and the team.

Arabian Camels also collaborated with Dominic Ryder, CEO of vEmpire, whose token recently climbed 1,500% to a market cap of $ 100 million. Dominic Ryder Protocol is designing and creating the ANTARA Play-To-Earn game.

Antarah Ibn Shaddad was a black slave in ancient / pre-Islamic Arabia who won his freedom and became a noble knight. He rose to fame in the 5th century due to his character and prowess on the battlefield and his miraculous talent as a poet. Its poetry was held in such high esteem that it was sewn in gold and hung over the Kaaba in Mecca before the time of Islam. To this day, if one studies Arabic literature in Oxford or Cambridge, Antara’s poetry is studied and revered.

– Murtuza Merchant is a former journalist who works for The Transform Group and has a keen interest in the ever-changing world of cryptocurrencies.


(Edited by : Yashi Gupta)

First publication: STI

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