Automotive Technology Scholarship 2022

On Friday, August 19, friends, family, and community gathered at TK’s Ice Cream in Cream Ridge, New Jersey for the 2022 Automotive Technology Scholarship Awards Ceremony. Greeted by perfect weather and the kitschy, nostalgic atmosphere of TK’s retro-themed decor, the Mid-Jersey area of ​​the Antique Automobile Club of America unanimously elected Brookdale student Emma Brookes as its scholarship recipient. The Antique Automobile Club has been awarding this scholarship to students for over twenty years, with many using it as a way to further their studies and college careers.

“I want to thank the Antique Automobile Club of America, and especially Douglas Watt for coming to Brookdale to visit our program and meet some of our students,” said Ryan Marlowe, Automotive Technology Program Liaison. at Brookdale Community College. “These days, many people dream of going to university. But for many, they cannot for various reasons. For most of these people, it is because they do not have the financial means at their disposal. But it’s thanks to generous organizations like the Antique Club of America that anyone’s dream comes true.

The Antique Automobile Club of America chose Emma Brookes for the scholarship for many reasons. Not only is she an exemplary student, but she is always the first to volunteer to help other students in their labs. Brookes takes great pride in her work as a student employee on the Automotive Tech team, but she is also a great role model for new students entering the program.

Upon receiving the award, Emma Brookes gave a short speech, feeling honored to have been chosen as the recipient. will really help me further my education and steer me towards the path I want to take to grow and learn here at Brookdale. I want to get into catering, and this will certainly provide me with the pathway to do so.

Emma Brookes said she was initially interested in the AutoTech program at Brookdale when she bought an old truck that she started working on a few years ago. “I wasn’t quite sure what I was doing,” she said in one chat, “so I was like, ‘Well, give the program a try – see where it leads.’ I started to really enjoy the classes and the program, and one thing led to another. It was kind of a “bubble” that really started to work in the end. And for her, she plans to get graduating from the AutoTech program in Spring 23, while continuing to work at Jaguar.

Brookdale’s automotive technology program was not only perfect for students like Emma Brookes to further explore their passions and interests, it was incredibly beneficial to others who joined the program. Brookdale Community College offers three automotive technology degrees that provide students with an associate’s degree upon completion, as well as two NATEF-certified programs supported by the General Motors Corporation. Brookdale students also have the option of studying at other institutions upon completion, such as the Pennsylvania College of Technology, to earn their bachelor’s degree. Brookdale’s programs are highly rated by the National Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Institute and can truly be the start of an incredible future in the industry.

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