Ball State Hosts Ribbon Cut for Scheumann Family Indoor Practice Center

A year and a day after former Ball State student and football player John Scheumann passed away, Ball State University opened the Scheumann family indoor training facility on Saturday.

The 84,000 square foot facility is named after the late Scheumann and his surviving wife June, who made the primary donation to the project. The land inside the mixed-use complex is named Briner Field in honor of Peggy and Kenneth Briner, Ball State graduates in 1969.

The couple’s youngest daughter, Lindsay Donaldson, spoke about her late father at the ceremony and said she felt bittersweet about the occasion.

“It’s exciting to finally be here,” said Donaldson. “It’s really bittersweet, just because [Scheumann] is not here with us. But I’m just happy that we can finally do it all together now and honor all the hard work that has gone into this. “

Approval for the $ 15 million project was announced in May 2019 and was first available in April 2021 when the soccer team’s spring camp was held at the facility.

The stadium’s turf field measures 360 feet by 160 feet and is a regulation size football field with a ceiling height of 65 feet.

Although the facility was built in the style of an indoor soccer field, athletic director Beth Goetz said the space would be used for all types of athletic and extracurricular activities.

“One of the advantages of this facility is that it can be used to service multiple teams and for many events,” Goetz said. “Primarily from a team perspective, our football, baseball, softball and women’s soccer team will get practice slots at this facility. But besides that, we think there will be plenty of other uses, whether it’s for the pride of [Mid] America Marching Band, student groups, community functions [and] duties of former students.

President Geoffrey Mearns said the institution’s namesake represents the university in all areas of its life.

“John [Scheumann] is the embodiment of what we believe all of our graduates are and what we hope all of our students will become, ”Mearns said. “I often speak of Beneficence as the iconic statue that represents our commitment to enduring values ​​and John was certainly that person.”

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