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PORT NECHES – Grace Roy enjoys painting in her spare time. But just speaking for a short time with the high school student from Port Neches-Groves, it’s hard to imagine she has a lot of time to spare.

The 17-year-old is a member of the Student Council, where she is class president, is secretary of the student body, participates in the first priority, belongs to the National Honor Society where she is vice-president, holds the role of president of the House in History Club and is Co-Head of College Cheerleader.

“I don’t get much sleep,” she joked.

But being involved in a multitude of activities has always been a passion for her, ever since her family relocated locally from the Sour Lake area.

She started in third grade at Ridgewood Elementary and has never looked back.

“I loved it,” she says. “I liked it so much. Just the sea of ​​purple; I integrated perfectly. My dad went here when he was younger, so I already knew “Cherokee”.

Mom grew up mostly in Liberty but graduated from Nederland High School, so Mid-County was already in her blood.

But it’s not just extracurricular activities that keep Grace busy. She doesn’t let go of the books either.

Grace Roy moved to the Port Neches-Groves Independent School District in third grade and says she loves it ever since. (Monique Batson / The News)

“I like math lessons because I like puzzles,” she said. “And I’m really good at English and at writing.”

And his accomplishments have not gone unnoticed.

“Grace is definitely a leader among her peers,” said Director of Student Activities Jon Deckert. “She has grown into an outgoing and responsible young woman who will continue to do great things throughout her future. Any task the administration has asked Grace to do is done with enthusiasm, on time, and with consideration of how her actions will impact others.

As she continues her final year, Grace awaits news from Louisiana State University, where she hopes to attend Honorary University.

“I reviewed it because it’s still close enough that I can come home on the weekends, but far enough away from where I can grow up,” she said of LSU . “And their honor program, if I get down to it, looks amazing.”

From there, she plans to start a career in the medical field, although she has not yet decided on her specialty.

“I’m thinking about pediatrics right now,” she says. “I just want to help people and I love children. I am a peer tutor at the moment. I spend time with the kids every day, and it’s fun.

But leaving home for college is almost essential for the family-oriented student.

“I know that if I stay close to home, I will never leave my family,” she said with a laugh. “I just want to be with them all the time.”

Grace is one of two daughters, with a sister at Port Neches Middle School. She says the two are opposites, although it is clear that they are very successful.

“She’s in All-Region Choir, and I can’t take a note to save my life,” the older sister said. “She’s athletic, and I’m not.”

(Although his work on the support team may say otherwise.)

As for her family, Grace said they enjoy the annual trips to Tennessee.

“It’s our favorite place,” she said. “We love to hike and stroll in the mountains. It’s funny.”

But for now, she has one more thing on her mind: the next playoff game.

After a 72-20 victory over Galena Park last week, PNG travel to Baytown on Friday to face Montgomery in the 5A Area Round.

“I am excited about the upcoming game,” she said. “Now that we’re in the playoffs, I just want to win.”

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