Candidates with diverse skills focused on academic excellence

The Old Lyme RTC has approved four candidates for the Board of Education, who bring all the skills and energy to the school system. The RTC’s mentions didn’t just focus on party affiliation, but rather reflected a strong desire to present the best people for the job. Each candidate has demonstrated a desire to maintain excellence in our schools and to be sensitive to community concerns. Here are some highlights demonstrating the breadth of experience our candidates have:

  • Laura Dean-Frazier (U) grew up in Old Lyme and has three children who went through our school system. She has been very active in the PTOs of all of our schools, as well as a Park and Rec volunteer for many years. Laura is well known for her volunteer work in this community, especially through her years of coaching. She wants to maintain the quality of our excellent school system.
  • Mona Colwell (U) is a substitute teacher in the LOL school system. She has a solid professional background in finance as an analyst and salesperson. She has children in our school system and is a dedicated volunteer with the PTA and LOL Soccer Club. Its goals include ensuring the quality of our schools while spending money wisely.
  • Chris Staab (D) has two children in our school system. Chris is used to giving his time and talents to the city. His participation in the Harbor Management Commission, the Lyme Old Lyme Election Foundation and LOL Little League demonstrates his commitment to improving the community. Chris has a solid management background in his career, bringing excellent leadership skills to the Board of Education.
  • Michael Presti (right) is retired after a successful 24-year career in the United States Coast Guard. He now teaches social sciences in the New London school system. Michael has two children in the LOL school system. He has a penchant for teaching civics and the principles of our constitution. Michael will work hard to maintain the quality and high standards of our school system, bringing teaching experience to the BOE.

In these uncertain times, it is imperative that we elect candidates determined to keep our schools safe and open, who will effectively represent local values ​​and commit to taking a thoughtful and transparent approach to budgeting and financial spending of the government. district. Our Board of Education candidates are the best choice for Old Lyme.

Vote for Republican-backed candidates on the Education Council on November 2sd.

Chris Carter
President RTC Old Lyme, CT

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