Chloe Zi Hua Yang is the 2020 Country Island Researcher

By Theresa Goodwin

[email protected]

St Anthony’s Secondary School has produced the country’s top performing student in the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations (CAPE) for the first time.

Education officials announced yesterday that Chloe Zi Hua Yang was the “Island Scholar 2020”. Last year’s best player will be confirmed in due course.

Director of Education Clare Browne made the announcement yesterday as she congratulated the Antigua-born student, her parents and teachers.

Browne explained that traditionally Antigua State College is the institution that usually produces the Island Scholar, noting that most local high schools do not have a sixth form attached to them. St Anthony is one of the few to do so.

Browne also said the 2020 announcement was delayed due to questions about student grades, which had to be handled by the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC).

The prestigious award was determined based on students’ CAPE performance in two units of a two-year program.

“We are not looking at Island Scholars from just one set of exams, but from two years of exams – unit one and unit two. It also includes results from other organizations,” Browne said.

The results of advanced level subjects are also taken into account by external examination bodies.

The Island Scholar will receive $20,000 per year from the Board of Education for higher education at any university she wishes to attend.

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