College planners are making a comeback…and a college professor created a planner to deal with how overwhelmed students feel

WEST ISLIP, NY, August 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — 30% of college dropouts cite time management as a major reason. Now students can conquer time management with one of the best planners on the market today. The Centered Student Planner was created by an award-winning teaching professor who has seen students struggle more over the past decade, despite having access to so much technology. She describes her student planner as “a teacher within an academic planner”. The weekly planner layout provides college success tips linked to video tutorials offering academic and emotional support. There are 52 tutorials that cover everything from effective note taking to managing your social life.

“While the technology offers many benefits, it turns out that typing alarms or due dates on a phone doesn’t really teach time management.” according Virginia Horane, planner and teacher for over 30 years. The Centered Student Planner focuses on visual learning with monthly layouts and a horizontal weekly layout with hourly breakdowns. Paper school diaries are making a comeback precisely because handwriting activates the thinking part of the brain, which improves memory and retention. The centered student is more than an academic planner as they also provide emotional support. Gen Z struggles with anxiety, so Horan includes simplified positive psychology prompts, including a weekly gratitude check. The Centered Student Planner is the main tool of their academic success system. Other tools, such as color-coded markers, unique pens, stickers and transparent sticky notes for annotation complete the system. “Anything you can do to make studying more active – even if you take a colored marker to go back through your notes and circle the facts you think are most important – will improve your retention. The same goes for writing in a school diary You write it down (tactile learning), you see it (visual learning) and you remember it.

Created in 2020, The Centered Student Academic Planner provides a QR code that links to video tutorials and a free block of 50 to-do lists. You can consult the planner on today!

About the company
After 30 years of teaching, Professor Virginia Horane learned a thing or two about the hardships of student life. Over the past 10 years, she has noticed an increase in the number of students struggling to get their work done on time, as well as an increase in anxiety. Her determination to reduce these problems led her to develop the Centered Student Planner. “I couldn’t find a planner with a solid layout that also covered positive psychology, so I created one. Then I added the video tutorials as another layer of support.” If you are a student or know of a student, be sure to check out their entire selection of stationery who can give you or someone you know the tools to succeed in your studies!

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