DGH was not an innocent academic event

The conference “Global Dismantling of the Hindutva”, whose very title seems threatening, which was held in virtual mode from September 10 to 12, 2021, was not an innocent academic event in all respects. Lest there be any complacency in the organizers’ claim that they were not targeting Hinduism per se, but only the BJP government’s version of Hinduism, we need to look at the fine print. Even though he vowed to oppose the political agenda of the current government in India, the attack went far beyond to tarnish the image of Hindus everywhere in the world. There are telltale signs of the game plan being executed by special interests.

On the one hand, it was summoned by organizers who have remained anonymous even if their Hinduphobia is written in the broad sense. The timing of the conference – starting the day after the 20th anniversary of September 11 – meant that they wanted to distract Americans from the heinous act against humanity perpetrated by the jihadists, and mischievously put the spotlight on the so-called excesses of the Hindus in India.

Second, it is clear that the organizers were after the Hindus. If this were not so, there would be no need to go after Hindutva, which is just the Hindi / Sanskrit translation of Hinduism. The anonymous organizers could have thought of a different translation, but not doing so shows either their incompetence or reveals their true intentions.

Again, if the conference sponsors have been so clear about the difference, why have they been talking about dismantling it globally? After all, the BJP government is confined to India only. Are they upset by the growing popularity of Hinduism around the world?

Third, the point that casts doubt on the avowed intentions of the organizers is that they only chose speakers known for their denigration of Hinduism and for their defense of the “Break India” ideology. As expected, such participants could only distort the facts, as for example regarding the CAA to claim it as an attempt by the government to deprive Muslims of their citizenship rights. Other favorite themes were the repression and lynching of minorities. For the record, we must not forget that there have been many incidents of lynching of Hindus also and in greater number of which no one speaks.

Isn’t it a fact that thousands of Hindus were killed or driven out of Kashmir in the 1990s? Districts like Kairana in UP, Mallapuram in Kerala and the Mewat region in Haryana have not become so radicalized that many Hindus who reside there have had to leave their homes even in this so-called Hindu nation and in the States led by the BJP?

As unfortunate as these incidents are, no lynching should constitute political capital for any party. These are public order problems that are encountered in all countries.

The praise lavished by some speakers on the Maoist insurgency has left its mark on the urban Naxals. While one cannot oppose the desired freedom of expression for an “academic” event, one should not forget that Maoist ideology is the perfect antithesis of democracy. Encountering such elements with liberty advocates in American academia presents the sight of strange bedfellows. But the incongruity becomes more evident when the comparison is drawn between RSS and the Taliban.

This was done by one of the speakers – a minor poet known more for his scathing criticism of the caste system in Hinduism than for his literary merit – who also went so far as to utter unprintable words about Lord Rama. . Sure, she couldn’t have talked about icons from another religion in the same way without getting into trouble. It is only the liberal nature of Hindus that such a rant is tolerated.

There is no doubt that castism is the Achilles heel of Hinduism. Although Hindus inherit a liberal ethic as well as the largest body of spiritual knowledge in the world and believe in the cardinal principle of the unity of mankind, the problem of casteism has persisted with much of the uneducated Indians or poorly educated. But pray, which religion is free from aberrations? Is there no discrimination in Islam? Just look at the plight of the Hazara community in Afghanistan or the Shiites in Pakistan? Among Christians, Catholics disagree with Protestants. The goal here is not to defend casteism, but at least the baby should not be thrown out with the bathwater. The curse of the ages has not completely dissipated due to the biased policy followed over all these years, but the education and equitable pursuit of the policy of sarva dharma sambhava (equal treatment of all religions) by the government brings Changes.

Needless to say, the enemies of India provided the organizers with sufficient funds and incentives. Pakistani media were therefore in a state of turmoil with the news of this conference, gleefully streaming comments all the time. In summary, it can be said that Hindus have suffered humiliation for almost a thousand years and are regaining their self-confidence. Attempts like this conference aim to imbue them with an inferiority complex and keep them mentally colonized. These attempts must be countered not only by the American Hindu associations but also by others.



The opinions expressed above are those of the author.


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