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SALT LAKE CITY – Dozens of student-athletes across northern Utah were recently recognized by the Utah High School Activities Association for their accomplishments on the field and in the classroom. Fall All-State Academic Honors were announced for students competing in boys ‘golf, girls’ tennis, boys ‘and girls’ cross-country skiing, volleyball, women’s football and soccer.

“Since 1927, UHSAA has led the development of education-based interschool sports and arts activities that help students achieve success in their lives,” said UHSAA Executive Director Robert C. Cuff in a statement. “Belief is these activities are an integral part of the high school experience and contribute greatly to improving academic performance and producing better citizens.

“For more than 25 years, the UHSAA has awarded the Academic All-State Award to recognize students who have excelled in the classroom as well as in athletic competition. Individuals are selected for this award on the basis of their athletic ability and academic skills. “

To be recognized as an all-state academic student-athlete, parents or students must record their GPA, ACT / SAT high school score, and submit a nomination form. Schools then confirm that the student-athlete is a varsity contributor, confirm the GPA and ACT / SAT score, verify that the student is a senior, and upload an updated transcript before submitting the application to UHSAA in a specified time.

“With over 85,000 students participating in high school activities,” Cuff added, “this award is the most prestigious honor that UHSAA bestows on senior students. “

The following athletes in their respective sports have been recognized for fall sports / activities:

Boys Golf
Judge Ballingham – Green Canyon
Samuel Walker – Green Canyon
Kobe Larsen – Logan
Matthew Anderson – Logan
Tyler Anderson – Logan
Chandler Luthi – Sky View
Brevin Blacker – Box Elder

Tennis Girls
Kali Stokes – Box Elder
Katelyn Bennett – Box Elder
Neisha Christensen – Box Elder
Erika Olsen – Bear River
Jesse Carlson – Bear River
Kylee Stevens – Bear River
Nancy Smith – Bear River
Alice Wilkinson – Green Canyon
Ashley Randall – Mountain Ridge
Alicia Smith – Ridgeline
Claire Anderson – Ridgeline
Kaitlyn Horsburgh – Ridgeline
Emily Ryan – From the Sky
Gracie Davis – From the Sky
Kaiya Christiansen – Sky View
Rachel Chipman – From the Sky

Cross country ski girls
Amy Hiatt – Box Elder
Mikayla Reeder – Box Elder
Isabella Murphy – Bear River
Shylee Kofoed – Bear River
Kaylee Allen – Green Canyon
Ashlyn Harris – Mountain Ridge
Marissa Hancock – Mountain Ridge
Anna Oborn – Ridgeline
Emma Turpin – Ridgeline
Gabrielle Philips – Ridgeline
Kallie Lund – Ridgeline
Kaylee Grigg – From the Sky

Cross-country skiing for boys
Braxton Cummins – Box Elder
Gabriel Woodland – Box Elder
Franklin Rees – Bear River
Kael Kowallis – Bear River
Will Rhodes – Bear River
Bryson Ashment – Green Canyon
Dylan Chambers – Green Canyon
Gary Merrill – Green Canyon
Isaac Hansen – Green Canyon
Jeffrey Koch – Green Canyon
Jonathan Cowley – Green Canyon
Tanner Nash – Green Canyon
Bridger Winward – Mountain Ridge
Mason Stott – Mountain Ridge
Alex Winn – Ridgeline
Brennan Robison – Ridgeline
Grant Simon – Ridgeline
Peter Grunig – Ridgeline
Dylan Mortensen – From the Sky
Rome Greenmun – Sky View
Ryan Leifson – Rich

Ashlyn Reeder – Former of the Box
Emery Knight – Box Elder
Kennadee Vaughn – Box Elder
Libbie Judd – Box Elder
Tegan Mecham – Box Elder
Brooklyn Monson – Green Canyon
Brinlie Crosbie – Ridgeline
Gracee Putnam – Ridgeline
Malynn Ewer – Ridgeline
Abigail Doxey – Sky View
KaitLynn May – Sky View
Kelsey Spackman – Sky View
Ambria Lutz – Rich

Football Girls
Alonna Jones – Box Elder
Kylie Nelson – Bear River
Rylee Towne – Bear River
Elizabeth Seeley – Green Canyon
Emma DeBérard – Green Canyon
Lydia Edwards – Green Canyon
Talia Winder – Canyon Green
Ali Myers – Mountain Ridge
Baylie Baldwin – Mountain Ridge
Sadie Coggins – Mountain Ridge
Carly Eubanks – Ridgeline
Kaitlyn Banner – Ridgeline
Reese Heninger
Annika McCulloch – From the Sky
Hannah Womack – From the Sky
Jada Westover – Sky View

Carson Pond – Bear River
Tanner Tye – Green Canyon
Aaron Franckowiak – Logan
Payton Cox – Logan
Daxton Page – Mountain Ridge
Terrell Lee – Mountain Ridge
Indiana Judd – Ridgeline
Davis Room – Sky View
Kasen Erickson – Sky View
Eli Brooks – Rich
Riley Carrillo – Rich

The annual award is presented by UHSAA and Deseret News.

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