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The the new academic year opens Monday October 11 as Rwanda returns to school programs that start at this time of year, having recently dropped a school calendar that started in January.

It is a victory for the supporters of the school calendar reintroduced who argued that this allows students to go on long vacations before the extremely harsh weather conditions that are normally encountered during the third quarter of the year.

The new schedule is expected to boost students’ concentration and, subsequently, their performance, as they will skip classes during the long hot season, although climate change has made weather conditions increasingly unpredictable in recent years.

School administrators and teachers should make the most of adjustments and help students learn and acquire new knowledge and skills and grasp academic concepts, not only for the purpose of passing eventual exams, but to improve their thinking. criticism, analytical skills and general understanding of the world.

In addition, the change effectively aligns the school year of schools with that of higher education institutions and is likely to reduce the length of the gap year that high school graduates have been forced to wait before joining university. .

And, it is hoped that the new school calendar will help planning in the education sector as it now matches the financial year, which runs from July to June.

Meanwhile, schools are reopening at a time when the country is still grappling with the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and the virus itself.

While vaccines have instilled a sense of hope, the virus continues to spread, even killing people.

This calls for continued vigilance to prevent the situation from worsening again.

Schools have a major role to play as they cater for a large number of young people, some of whom are day schools, which means that there are high levels of interactions not only between students but also between students and the rest of the world. the society.

There is a need to stick to the basics, like social distancing, washing your hands or sanitizing regularly, masking yourself, and making the most of outdoor spaces.

We wish schools, learners and teachers good luck as they embark on the new school year.

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