Everett College clears the debts of more than 3,400 students

Everett Community College (ECC) in Washington has announced that it is canceling student loan debt for more than 3,400 students who took classes during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Using funds from the American Rescue Plan Act, the school will write off student debt for those who registered from spring 2020 through summer 2021, for a total of approximately $ 1.2 million.

According to the president of the ECC Daria willis, 500 to 700 students usually have outstanding balances. However, that number has grown to thousands due to the financial effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“This is probably one of the few times that we’ll see money like this coming from the federal government. So why not spend it on the students? This is what we are here to serve ”, the manager Recount Everett’s Herald.

In addition to canceling student debt, ECC provides free on-campus housing for full-time students. The college is also committed to helping fall registrants who have experienced financial difficulties by giving them up to $ 2,500 to cover their academic expenses.

“Giving students a fresh start”

The government has provided colleges and universities with stimulus packages to help them cope with the financial challenges resulting from the current health crisis. Schools that have received federal aid are ordered to spend half the money to help students.

According to Willis, ECC’s decision to write off student debt will give students “a fresh start.” She also said free campus housing and additional financial aid would help students of color, who make up one-third of the school’s student body.

The official also revealed that ECC’s Equity and Social Justice Division has contacted students of color to advise them of additional help.

“This is another reason why it made sense to pay the debt. it just shows that [students of color] are disproportionately affected by COVID, ”Willis told the Washington-based outlet.

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