FBISD Board of Directors Approves 2021-2022 Academic Improvement Plans and Authorizes Virtual Learning Program | School news

FORT BEND ISD – At its regular meeting on October 25, the Fort Bend ISD Board of Directors approved the performance targets of the District and Campus Improvement Plan 2021-2022 and, in accordance with a new law of the ‘State, it also licensed the district distance learning program.

For the District Improvement Plan (DIP) and Campus Improvement Plan (CIP), the district and school leadership focused on the mission, vision, profile of a graduate and FBISD’s goals to anchor ongoing efforts to improve student outcomes and meet the needs of the whole child. Staff analyzed the data, assessed the evidence, and developed a Comprehensive Needs Assessment (CNA) that served as the basis for prioritizing work and strategies focused on increasing student engagement and ownership of the school. learning and behavior.

District and campus staff will work with advisory committees at least quarterly to monitor the progress of improvement plans, refine action items, and ensure progress is made throughout the year.

The board also passed a resolution authorizing the FBISD distance learning program in accordance with SB 15, which the governor recently promulgated. The September 9, 2021 legislation grants districts Americans With Disabilities (ADA) funding for its distance programs. The law requires the board’s approval of the district’s academic plan, teaching methods, and attendance measures for the virtual learning program (VLP).

SB 15 does not provide funding for all FBISD students currently enrolled in the district VLP, as the FBISD program began on August 30, 2021, before the new law established the funding criteria. District staff estimate the costs of the VLP and the percentage of students who will be eligible for state funding. FBISD’s VLP serves students with health conditions that put them at risk of serious illness from COVID-19. The District will use the data to assess the VLP for the spring 2022 semester.

Additionally, at the board meeting on Monday night, the trustees approved a memorandum of understanding with the Center for Reform of School Systems Texas Institute for School Boards. The organization helps school boards and superintendents build stronger teams to work to transform the educational experience of its students.

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