Full Access High Desert Celebrates 20 Years

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) — Heather Hopkins-Slechta, executive director of High Desert High Access, says, “We are honored to have been a member of the community of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the central and high desert of the ‘Oregon for 20 years.’

“It has been fascinating to see the changes in services over the years and even more so to see the dreams, goals and accomplishments of the people we have served during this time.”

Full Access High Desert serves approximately 390 people in central Oregon – Deschutes, Crook, Jefferson and Lake counties.

Full Access High Desert has been providing case management for adults (18+) with intellectual and developmental disabilities since 2002 for eligible residents of Deschutes, Crook, Jefferson and Lake counties.

We are a local non-profit agency in central/high desert Oregon that supports adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities to live fully in their communities in accordance with their preferences and choices. We support the people we serve through person-centered planning and help them locate and access resources that will help them meet their disability-related support needs.

With their help and support, these people can live in their own home or in the family home. This allows for the possibility of keeping families together; honor and individual choice, dignity and basic human rights; provide a platform for individuals to give back to their community through jobs and other activities; and is more cost effective than more comprehensive services.

Full Access High Desert is one of 14 personal assistance brokerages serving individuals statewide. Brokerages are the result of the Staley Settlement, which was introduced by individuals and families advocating for a community support system that did not previously exist.

Brokerages provide a navigation point for people and coordinate additional services such as personal care, employment supports, and community access supports. A change in 2013 also offered these services to children through county programs and allowed adults the choice of receiving services from either a county program or a brokerage of support services such than Full Access High Desert.

Our Mission: To help people with intellectual and developmental disabilities pursue a quality of life in Central Oregon that matches their preferences and choices. Do you have a family member or are you a person with an intellectual or developmental disability 18 years of age or older who would like to learn more about Full Access High Desert? Please visit our website at fullaccesshd.org.

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