Graduation sets the tone for UPike’s new academic year

UPike President Dr. Burton Webb and Dr. Howard Roberts honor Whitesburg Mayor Tiffany Craft with the Baird Family Service Award.

PIKEVILLE, Ky. – Faculty, staff and students gathered at Pikeville University’s Health Professions Education Building to officially welcome all new UPike students to the school’s 133rd academic year. with the 2022 Convocation Opening Ceremony.

The keynote was delivered by Jonathan Webb, Founder and CEO of AppHarvest. He encouraged students to challenge themselves and centered his message on working together in ways that embody the spirit of the university.

“I encourage you to use this place and this time as an incubator for where you would like to be in the world. Don’t limit yourself. You can change the landscape of this area forever if you remain optimistic,” Webb said. What you dream about and what you think about on campus and what you unlock inside yourself is the value that this place is going to create. Keep educating yourself, challenge yourself and the people around you, and dream big.

After the keynote address, UPike President Burton J. Webb, Ph.D., reflected on the importance of the organization that will feed thousands of people and had its beginnings on the UPike campus. .
“That little seed of an idea eventually grew into a 60-acre greenhouse in Morehead, and now four other facilities spread across Kentucky,” said President Webb. “AppHarvest will impact people’s lives because of the food it produces, but also the jobs it will create.”

UPike Professor of Business Howard Roberts, Ed.D., shared a heartfelt story honoring UPike
former student and Mayor of Whitesburg, Tiffany Craft, with the Baird Family Service Award.

“Recently, torrential rains fell on this area, soaking the ground, rolling down the hills and pooling in all corners of the town of Whitesburg,” Roberts said. “In a short time, the streams filled up and the water kept coming. Bridges were swept away, houses crumbled and vehicles tipped over in the muddy swell as she watched her beautiful city disappear before her eyes.

“This year’s recipient of the Baird Family Service Award is made of courage, shrouded in perseverance and filled with a source of energy born of determination that is often found in Appalachian women. His ability to coordinate relief efforts with long term planning is nothing short of amazing. Tiffany is a great example of service-oriented leadership and why we honor her today. »

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