Here is a solution to student debt and the labor shortage | PennLive Letters

The supply and demand method is the solution to the shortage of people to fill the vacant labor market. Demand is for workers and supply is for unemployed students and indebted politicians. Ask students to take a few years to work and not just go on vacation or study abroad. With the money earned and the professional skills acquired, the economy should come back to reality.

Shut down the government’s free money supply and workers can use their hard-earned money to pay down debts on their own.

Politicians could also join the job market and learn what a real job entails. Now the politician will have to spend his own money to provide funds for the gifts. Bankrupt lobbyists and reduce the price of goods that have been raised to provide funds to lobbyists. Additional attention should be paid to shrinkage and excessive advertising costs that drive up prices.

Let real supply and demand be the driving force behind prices. If it’s too expensive, don’t buy it. I compare this to the new theme on clothes, buy less and better, so it will last longer. Think about the simplicity of this principle and apply it to other purchases.

Lester Brubaker, Penn Township, Pennsylvania

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