Hinton: HOPE Scholar Program Will Strengthen Hollins’ Connection to Roanoke Area | Chroniclers

HOPE prioritizes lifting the burden of private college tuition fees for students with financial need. Through a mix of institutional support from Hollins / i alumni, donors, and federal and state funds, tuition fees are fully covered for HOPE scholarship recipients every four years, including any tuition increases from ‘year after year.

One of the exciting aspects of HOPE is its expected role as a catalyst for growing the talent pool of the local workforce. Currently, around 12% of Hollins’ student body is from the Greater Roanoke Valley, and many graduates choose to stay here after graduation. A vibrant network of over 1,200 Hollins / i alumni currently live in the region and they make invaluable contributions to our quality of life, whether through business, the visual and performing arts, science or our schools.

As I reflect on this powerful, life-changing opportunity, I remember my favorite essay “Only Connect…: The Goals of a Liberal Education” by historian William Cronon. More than anything else, Cronon said, “Being an educated person means being able to see connections that make sense of the world and act creatively within it.” In his conclusion, which I believe to be the most convincing part of his essay, Cronon noted: “Liberal education nurtures human freedom in the service of the human community, that is, ultimately she celebrates love. Whether we are talking about our schools, our universities, or ourselves, I hope we will stick to this as our constant practice, in all the depth and richness of its many meanings: Connect Only. “

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