Horoscope for Monday 08/22/2022: Pleasure of the intellectual challenge

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Pleasure of the mental challenge

Mercury and Pluto are joined today in a favorable trine, which is why Mercury’s thinking ability is boosted. For many of us, our talent for speech and the pleasure of intellectual duels will now find center stage. We all know such unusual people who can suddenly appear witty and quick-witted.

But for those who are not so gifted and can already display the qualities of an entertainer, Mercury and Pluto also reserve other gifts, namely perceptual thinking, which can then be used for convincing argument. Such convincing conclusions also impress us again and again, – and today we ourselves might belong to this group favored by Mercury and Pluto. And then we make an impression for once.

August 22


Claude Debussy (1862 – 1918), Tori Amos (*1963), Jenna Leigh Green (*1974), Rodrigo Santoro (*1975), Annie Proulx (* 1935), Ray Bradbury (1920 –2012)

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