‘I couldn’t have an intellectual conversation about anything’ – Alex Rodriguez’s billionaire ex-girlfriend’s mother once dabbled in the intelligence of a $400 million athlete dollars

No matter what you do, you’re still unloved by everyone around you. Although he’s made mistakes in the past, baseball icon Alex Rodriguez has proven himself as a player and a businessman.

Alex dated American entrepreneur Anne Wojcicki, co-founder and CEO of genomics company 23andMe. Their relationship was apparently not liked by the businesswoman’s mother. And it was probably not her who hid her intentions from anyone.


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Alex Rodriguez and Anne were an atypical couple

Even though Alex seemed genuinely in love with his daughter, Esther Wojcicki called him an idiot because he didn’t go to college.

A-Rod’s time when he was supposed to go to college was filled with him playing professional baseball and making millions. Esther loved the baseball player as a man, but she knew from the start that he was not a good match for her daughter.

She says, “I liked A-Rod, he was a very nice man. He seemed really in love with Anne. But I immediately understood that it was a mismatch. He had no university education. We couldn’t have an intellectual conversation about anything. His main interest in life was something none of us had ever focused on, which was baseball..”


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Anne’s mother wished Jennifer good luck


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Anne Wojcicki’s story was published in The New York Times. Because for part of her life she was related to Alex, he was also mentioned in the story.

Then Esther said she couldn’t go anywhere with him. She says, “Even if we went to Target to buy clothes or stuff, people would be there like the paparazzi just wanted a picture of Alex or with him. Just because of the people around him everywhere, he couldn’t even walk to Central Park. He has to take a cab. But it’ll be fine with Jennifer because she’s already used to all that.”


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The story came out after Alex and Anne broke up, and the baseball player was dating actress-singer Jennifer Lopez.

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