Institutions in New Jersey and Ireland sign three academic MoUs

DUBLIN – As part of their joint economic development trip to Ireland, Governor Phil Murphy and Choose NJ CEO Wesley Mathews today presided over the signing of three memorandums of understanding between academic, real estate and startup based in New Jersey and Ireland.

“It’s pretty damn special,” Murphy said at the signing ceremony. “I am incredibly honored to witness not one, not two, but three exciting new partnerships that will bring the future of New Jersey and Ireland even closer together.”

A memorandum is between New Jersey City University (NJCU) and Atlantic Technical University (ATU) based in Galway; another is between NJCU and Guinness Enterprise Center startup accelerator; and the third is between ATU, Choose New Jersey and the New Brunswick Development Corporation. Memoranda will in various ways involve the sharing of faculty, students, offices, and knowledge across institutions.

“It’s a powerful thing, folks,” Murphy said. “And the reason we know it’s powerful is because we’ve done them before, and we’ve seen the legs they take.”

Earlier in the day, Governor announced an agreement with Irish service station operator Applegreen and held a roundtable to convince other companies to join Applegreen in New Jersey; his three-day trip to Ireland also includes a number of cultural visits and eventsas well as diplomatic meetings with the United States Ambassador and the Irish Prime Minister.

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