Intellectual property conflict between Luyt and Cape Colored Congress

CAPE TOWN – An independent candidate from Bellville South says he will file a criminal complaint against some leaders of the Cape Colored Congress for allegedly using his intellectual property for their election campaign.

Godfrey Luyt alleged that Cape Colored Congress leaders from the Bellville South branch stole his intellectual property and copyrighted it for the benefit of their political party.

“I have things that I shared on a Facebook group, the group name is ‘Transforming Bellville South’, I posted my poster on the group and on Facebook. Members of the Cape Colored Congress Bellville South branch are there. So after posting my poster and information, I noticed that a few days later they posted posters with the exact same wording and also similar posters in the same group. It is therefore a criminal offense, ”he said.

Luyt said he contacted the branch leader, the two leaders involved as well as the party chairman, Fadiel Adams. However Adams refused to investigate.

But Adams said he had “no idea” what Luyt was talking about when he talked about intellectual property.

“Godfrey never gave me official communication on anything intellectual. If that is what he is claiming, it is more than welcome to go and lay charges because it is a criminal offense, if it is true.

“But Mr. Luyt has to understand that if this is wrong as I think it is, then there will be legal consequences,” Adams said.

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