Intellectuals urge getting rid of the colonial system to develop the country

LAHORE: Intellectuals and opinion leaders at a book launch ceremony stressed the need to revamp the basic colonial capitalist system on which the country has been run for the past seven decades despite acceding to the independence in 1947, suffering from a sharp decline in the moral, social and political values ​​prevailing in society.

They warned that the lack of sincere leadership was a direct result of the decadent moral and social values ​​of Pakistani society which can only be changed if the Islamic system based on the Quran and Sunnah is applied instead of the capitalist system, legacy British colonizers. They were talking at the book launch “Ham Abhi Manzil Sey Buhat Door Hein” by Masroor Akhtar Qureshi, a mechanical engineer.

This book was the seventh book in a series he has written over the past few years highlighting social and moral ills in society and ways to change them. He also wrote nearly 25 books outlining problems in various railroad departments and how to solve them.

Former Federal Minister, Researcher, Author of several books and President of Pakistan Jago Tehrik, Qayyum Nizami was the main guest while other speakers included Poet and Author Nazir Qaiser, Director of Jamia Naeemia Allama Raghib Naeemi, Senior Journalists Nasir Sherazi and Anees Ahmad, social worker Abida Qaiser and others. GA Sabri, chairman of Tehzibul Akhlaq Trust, which runs several free vocational training institutions, was also present.

Qayyum Nizami lamented that the country is still operating under the colonialist system designed for slaves which is why the nation behaves like mental slaves. He cited the vision of founding fathers of Pakistan including Allama Iqbal, Quaid Azam, etc. and said that the roots of all crises are found in the judicial, bureaucratic and age-old ruling system of British settlers.

Masroor Akhtar Qureshi also presented his two recently launched books titled “A Nation’s Character Building” and “Global and Pakistan’s Poverty Alleviation Program”, saying the former focuses on building the character of the nation, especially the youth. It includes 54 Quranic verses and their translations giving basic principles of sound character. He cited the nuclear program of the father of the country, Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, who had praised one of his previous books “Akhlaqi Aqdar and Tameer-e-Shakhsiyat” and wrote a newspaper column on its content, calling it an essential part of school/university curricula.

MA Qureshi said that the second part of the book (Ham Abhi Manzil Sey Buhat Door Hein) understands the reasons behind the destruction of Pakistan Railways, once a gold mine for the country, but some DMG group bureaucrats made him suffer huge losses.

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