ISAE-SUPAERO diversifies its academic program by introducing certified and continuing education on the international online learning platform COURSERA

TOULOUSE, France, August 31, 2021– (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – As a world leader in higher education in aerospace engineering, ISAE-SUPAERO launched for the first time on July 1 its MOOC “Flight mechanics: the base” via the international platform COURSERA. Completely free, it is aimed at all aviation and aeronautical enthusiasts, as well as professionals wishing to train in flight mechanics. Offered in English, this online course is the first in a series of 6 high-level courses that will be offered as a paid specialization starting in fall 2021.

A course dedicated to flight mechanics, accessible free of charge worldwide

Taught by Eric Poquillon, flight test engineer and teacher at ISAE-SUPAERO, this MOOC is the first in a series of courses that will learn how airplanes fly and how pilots can control their trajectories. The course covers atmospheric physics and Newton’s laws of motion applied to the aircraft, traction and propulsion forces, and pilot control of the aircraft.

“Flight Mechanics: The basic” is aimed at the general public with a certain level of scientific knowledge (concepts of force, Newton’s laws, mechanical energy, etc.). However, it offers different reading levels allowing all profiles to follow the course ignoring mathematical developments. Undergraduate aerospace engineering students, novice and experienced pilots, journalists and aviation professionals and all aircraft enthusiasts will find a valuable improvement in their knowledge.

To go further, in the fall of 2021, ISAE-SUPAERO will share with you its expertise in the field of aeronautics and aviation through a specialization in 6 paid courses of approximately 30 hours. These courses can be taken individually but all must be fully completed to obtain a specialization certificate. By focusing on all the physical phenomena that influence but also limit aircraft flight, this series of courses provides the keys to understanding the major safety and environmental issues in the aeronautical sector.

Created by professors from Stanford University, the international e-learning platform COURSERA is known to be very selective and represents a real guarantee of quality for the training provided. Thus, by joining COURSERA, ISAE-SUPAERO enters the very closed circle of the largest universities in the world and confirms its role as world leader in higher education in aerospace engineering.

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