Islam prohibits violation of intellectual property rights: Ifta

Riyadh — The Standing Committee of Ifta (religious ruling) stated that Islam prohibits infringement of intellectual property rights and requires a person to respect the rights of others, warning against usurpation of such rights or benefiting without the permission of their owners.

In a statement on intellectual property rights, the commission pointed out that ideas have value according to the regulations issued in this regard and therefore their infringement is not allowed. Material and financial effects resulting from intellectual rights are the right of their owners and must not be infringed or taken without the permission of their owners under contract or license, the statement added.

He warned against taking possession of, benefiting from, or receiving compensation from the intellectual rights of others, except with the permission of their owners.

The committee urged everyone to fear Almighty Allah and beware of infringing on the rights of others.

For his part, the Grand Mufti of the Kingdom Sheikh Abdulaziz bin Abdullah Al-Sheikh, who is also Chairman of the Council of Major Scholars and General Chairman of Scholarly Research and Ifta, hailed the content of the Standing Committee’s statement. of Ifta. , noting that it seeks to achieve the noble goal of raising awareness of intellectual property rights, protecting the Kingdom against infringement of these rights and promoting respect for these rights.

He said the statement is in line with correct religion, which emphasized the sanctity of people’s wealth. — SPA

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