Judge halts Youngkin’s school mask order and other headlines in Virginia

• “A judge on Friday temporarily halted Republican Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s executive order that sought to allow parents to opt out of classroom mask mandates for their children, but was met with resistance from some school districts.”—Associated Press

• The judge who made the mask ruling, Louise DiMatteo, is married to an Arlington teacher – a fact that has sparked conflict of interest allegations in conservative media and on social media. But DiMatteo voluntarily disclosed the relationship before taking the case, and attorneys on both sides of the case said they don’t think she should have recused herself.—Washington Post

• “Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s campaign slammed a high school student as well as Democrat Ralph Northam on Twitter over the weekend, tweeting the teenager’s name and photo after the boy shared a story about part of the executive mansion where bonded laborers once lived.”—Washington Post

• The archaeologist and historian who helped develop a tour that told the story of enslaved workers at the Executive Mansion says she has quit. Youngkin’s administration denied his allegation that they had converted a room used during the visit, a historic kitchen, into a family room.—VPM

• Much of Youngkin’s legislative agenda has already been blocked by Democrats in the state Senate.—Richmond Times-Dispatch

• Youngkin declined to discuss the types of information his education “inquiry line” has provided to his administration, arguing that communications are confidential. “It’s like you write me a letter, I won’t divulge that letter.”—WRIC

• “Virginia Military Institute will make changes to its student-run Honors Court to make the system fairer for cadets accused of lying, cheating, theft or other violations that could result in expulsion. .”—Washington Post

• Youngkin named Dr. Danny Avula Commissioner of the State Department of Human Services. Richmond and Henrico County Health Department director served under Northam as the state’s vaccine czar.—Virginia Business

• “Four Loudoun County supervisors left a ceremony Thursday for Rep.[s] from local governments after Virginia’s deputy attorney general made what they called “inappropriate” comments claiming the school division had “covered up” a pair of widely reported sexual assault cases that occurred in the Loudoun schools. “-Ludoun Times-Mirror

• After the death of a homeless man who had no serious criminal history, the Arlington County Sheriff accused local authorities of “throwing these people in jail when they needed serious care” . The sheriff said 170 of the 280 people currently imprisoned suffer from mental illness.—WTOP

• The City of Richmond Democratic Committee voted to censure Sen. Joe Morrissey, D-Richmond, for comments he made threatening the Petersburg NAACP president. Morrissey dismissed the reprimand. “They’re a group of young white people, who have a right to wake up, who took a break tonight from spray painting people’s houses, setting the town on fire and smashing windows, in order to censor me for just defending my wife’s honor,” Morrissey said.—Virginia Scope

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