Kurdish intellectuals call on Kurds to stand together against demographic change – ANHA | HAWARNEWS

Since last April 17, with the participation of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, the Turkish occupation state has been waging a war against the guerrilla fighters in Zap, Metian and Avashin of the Medya Defense Zones in South Kurdistan, n’ sparing no kind of evil weapons against the guerrilla forces.

Kurdish intellectuals believe that the war against the HPG fighters is part of the ethnic cleansing against the Kurdish people and the Turkish occupation state’s attempts at cultural eradication.

Writer Akram Darwish made it clear that throughout history the Turkish occupation state fights the Kurds and commits massacres and ethnic cleansing here and there against the Kurds, ”Turkey has a long history of massacres against the Kurds”.

Darwish spoke highly of the historic resistance of the guerrillas against the occupying Turkish forces, NATO’s second force, “the guerrillas have won the victory against Turkey which is supported by NATO dozens of times. With the help of the people of Kurdistan, they will achieve victory again.

Darwish noted the increase in attacks and threats from the Turkish occupation state against the NES due to the defeats it suffers at the hands of the HPG fighters in the Medya defense areas in South Kurdistan”.

Darwish said it was the guerrilla fighters who saved the Kurdish culture and heritage from eradication and forbade the Turkish occupation state from committing cultural annihilation against the Kurds.

For his part, the Kurdish poet Umar Sheikhmous sees in the attacks and threats of the Turkish occupation on the defense areas of Medya a continuation of the work done by successive Turkish governments against the Kurdish question and other components.

Umar confirmed that “the war against the defense areas of Medya came in response to the broad measures taken in favor of the Kurdish question and the gains made in the Rojava revolution”.

Umar called on Kurdish politics and the Kurdish people to abort the plots hatched by the Turkish occupation state and the media war adopted by Turkey, “enemies if the Kurds aim to divide the Kurds and drive them away from their question why the Kurds should be vigilant and o preserve the gains until they reach the shore of safety”.

Umar called on the Kurdish political parties to adopt a narrative and close loopholes that the Turkish state exploits “the Kurds are very close to their cause”.



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