Law School Recognizes 2022 Student Elect Awards

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From left to right: Tyler Mlakar, Maddison Miller, Collin Heard and Professor Alex Nunn.

As part of a longstanding tradition, the U of A Law School will present four student-elected awards at the launch ceremony on May 14. Each award honors members of the law school community who have excelled in a particular area of ​​endeavor. The awards are endowed or funded by benefactors with significant ties to the law school.

Lewis E. Epley Jr. Professor of the Year Award
Professor Alex Nunn received the Lewis E. Epley Jr. Teacher of the Year Award for Excellence in Teaching. It is awarded to a member of the teaching body elected professor of the year by the outgoing class. Nunn has received the graduating classes award since 2020.

“I am extremely honored to be named Teacher of the Year,” Nunn said. “This graduating class is such a special group. More than any other class, their law school experience has been disrupted by the pandemic. But every time I have taught them – whether online or in person – they brought an incredible amount of energy and enthusiasm to the classroom. Simply put, they made teaching fun. I am so humbled and grateful to learn that my classes resonated with them.

Bogle–Sharp Award
Tyler Mlakar received the Bogle-Sharp Award. This award is given to the student elected by their peers as being most likely to succeed in the practice of law.

It was created in memory of Brinkley attorneys, Arkansas Bar Association President William Wilson Sharp, and Arkansas Lieutenant Governor G. Otis Bogle.

“My classmates here at law school are some of the smartest, most talented people in the world I’ve ever had the privilege of meeting,” Mlakar said. “They are tenacious, hardworking and inspiring. We have gone through the rigors of law school during a global pandemic, and yet I would say that we are still one of the most distinguished classes to graduate from this institution. I can say now, without a doubt that all of my classmates will one day become the next great leaders of not just this state, but of this nation. And so, it is for these reasons that I am so deeply honored, and truly humbled, that they chose me as this year’s Bogle Sharp Award recipient. I wouldn’t be where I am today without their inspiration and support. Wooo Pig Forever.

Outstanding Contribution Award
Maddison Miller received the Law School’s Outstanding Contribution to the Community Award. This award is given to the student elected by his peers for his outstanding positive contributions and service to the law school community.

“Receiving this award is both humbling and a tremendous honour,” Miller said. “I think so much of each of my classmates, and they have continually exceeded any expectations I had for what law school scholars would be like. I had no idea what law school would be like. impactful or immense opportunities would present for growth in all areas of my life. My advice to everyone, no matter what environment you find yourself in, is to get involved in any way you can. Meet and talk to everyone you can. Involvement is the best way to make a difference in your community. Pushing yourself to do more will show you exactly how capable you really are, and you’ll rarely regret taking a chance to grow. and improve. Thank you, Arkansas Law, for three unforgettable years.

Deliver student start address
Collin Heard was elected by his peers to deliver the student keynote address.

“Among the many honors and accomplishments of my life, being selected to deliver the commencement address by my peers ranks among the best,” Heard said.

Heard came to law school for a JD after studying criminal justice at the University of North Texas. In law school, Heard served as a mentor for the Dean’s Mentorship Program, was named champion of the Bar Council Negotiation Competition last year, and is the current Vice President of two student organizations – Black Law Student Association and the Sports and Entertainment Law Society. .

Heard has a wide range of professional experience. He has worked for Allied Universal Security Services, the Allen Law Firm in Dallas, the Randall Law Firm in Springdale, the U of A General Counsel’s Office, and the United States Army as a civilian intern . Currently, he works at Gordon Rees Scully Mansukhani in Dallas, Texas.

About the School of Law: The law school offers a competitive JD as well as an advanced LL.M. curriculum, which are taught by nationally recognized faculty. The school offers unique opportunities for students to participate in pro bono work, internships, live client clinics, competitions, and food and agriculture initiatives. The school strives to identify, discuss and challenge issues of race, color, ethnicity and the impacts they have on students, faculty and staff members with the aim of create a diverse, inclusive and equitable community. From admitting the six pioneers who were the first African-American students to attend law school in the South without a court order to graduating governors, judges, prosecutors and professors who became President of the United States and Secretary of State, Law The school has a rich history and culture. Follow us on @uarklaw.

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