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You’ll start meeting the new class of Tribune Extra Effort students today, with the first story published starring Catherine Hurlburt from Arcadia High School.

More stories will follow, at least once a week, as we receive applications from schools in our area.

This is the 26th year of the Tribune’s Extra Effort Scholarship Program and, like every year, it will recognize high school students who have overcome obstacles and challenges on their way to graduation and planning. of their studies.

These are often remarkable stories of courage and persistence, and the extra effort can often be the first prize a student receives. But it’s a special program, and it comes with a scholarship from colleges in the area or from individual donors or organizations.

Over the past few months, we’ve made a decision that will make this award even more special. Extra Effort is now partnering with La Crosse Community Foundation, which means community members can help support this unique program if they choose.

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All contributions are welcome and will go directly to Extra Effort students. Our goal through this partnership is to increase the number of scholarships.

Already the community has responded. and impressively. Earlier this month, an anonymous donation of $ 15,000 arrived for the foundation’s Tribune Extra Effort fund.

To date, the Tribune Extra Effort fund has $ 61,000, according to Jamie Schloegel, executive director of the La Crosse Community Foundation.

“Expanding student support makes for greater success for all of us,” said Schloegel. “The support for scholarships that students receive from their own community seems to instill a greater sense of belonging – and motivation – to succeed in higher education. Students feel a greater sense of responsibility.

Everything is a win-win, as I said when we announced the transition to the foundation. It’s exciting to develop an important and long-standing program that benefits local students with new community support.

New Extra Effort logo

The extra effort: Arcadia senior overcomes medical challenge

It’s easy to donate, and gifts are now eligible for tax deductions. To donate online, visit Checks can be written to the Extra Effort Fund and mailed to the Foundation at 401 Main Street, Ste. 205, La Crosse, WI 54601.

The 2022 Extra Effort student gifts can be made until January 14, 2022, Schloegel said.

To date, we have received applications from Extra Effort students from Arcadia, Bangor, Black River Falls, Brookwood, Caledonia, Logan, Logan LaCrossroads, Luther, Onalaska, Viroqua, Westby and Whitehall.

Thank you to our school contacts for sending in the applications so that we can start reporting the stories.

Applications from the rest of the schools are due by January 13 at the latest, or end of January at the latest. All our school contacts were informed of the deadline in September and again in November. They will receive another email in early January. All questions should be sent to me.

We plan to honor Tribune Extra Efforts students and their families at a scholarship ceremony on May 4 at the Lunda Center at Western Technical College.

After two years of awarding scholarships at virtual events during the pandemic, an in-person presentation will go a long way in recognizing students for their achievements.

Thank you to everyone who participated in Extra Effort. You are making an incredible difference by helping local students take a big leap in their careers.

This is the 25th edition of the Extra Effort Awards ceremony of La Crosse Tribune. Congratulations to the students nominated by the schools throughout…

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The La Crosse Tribune Extra Effort Prizes reward seniors from our region who have been chosen by their high schools for their perseverance and dedication …

The La Crosse Tribune Extra Effort Prizes reward seniors from our region who have been chosen by their high schools for their perseverance and dedication …

The La Crosse Tribune Extra Effort Prizes reward seniors from our region who have been chosen by their high schools for their perseverance and dedication …

The La Crosse Tribune Extra Effort Prizes reward seniors from our region who have been chosen by their high schools for their perseverance and dedication …

Bob Heisse is editor-in-chief of the Tribune and the River Valley Media Group. He can be reached at [email protected] or 608-791-8285.

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