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Teresa Miller has always made an impression. She exuded a personal warmth and a professional commitment to using education and the law to advance the human condition.

Miller, who died Aug.6 at the age of 59, joined the Faculty of Law School in 1995, specializing in immigration law, criminal procedure, and prisoner law. During her distinguished career at UB, she became the Senior Vice-President, Inclusive Excellence, where she made great strides in leading the university’s efforts to create a culture of fairness, diversity and inclusion. His vision built the Office of Inclusive Excellence and launched forward-looking programs like the Challenging Conversations series, which continues today.

Recognizing her commitment and contributions on the ground, after 26 years at UB, Miller was appointed SUNY Senior Vice Chancellor for Strategic Initiatives and Director of Diversity, continuing the important work that was her life passion. Throughout her career, she has left an indelible mark on issues of social justice and equity, not only through her leadership, but also through her dedication to teaching and mentoring law students.

Miller’s family, friends and colleagues seek to honor her memory and her tremendous contributions to our world by establishing the Professor Teresa A. Miller Scholarship Fund at UB which will provide a full scholarship. to a student enrolled in the Faculty of Law. In order to build on Miller’s legacy, preference will be given to talented students from under-represented minorities who are eager to advocate for social justice and civil rights.

The UB law school community believes that an equal and fair justice system should reflect the full range of cultures, beliefs and voices of democracy. Fellowships are the key to recruiting exceptional and motivated people to UB – and providing them with educational experiences that equip them with the knowledge and skills they will need to effect significant change.

With an objective of $ 625,000, the endowment fund aims to support a future law student throughout the three years of law studies. Those who contribute to the fund – regardless of the amount – will not only change the life of a UB law student, but will also pay a fitting and lasting tribute to one of the community’s most venerable advocates and individuals. the UB.

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