My Hero Academia: 10 Benefits of Being Tsuyu Asui

Many of the students who make up Class 1-A have at least some unique advantages that place them above the rest. Todoroki has his half-cold, half-hot Quirk with an almost unbeatable blend of strength and versatility, Momo can create almost anything with his Quirk and is a great strategist, and Izuku combines the power transmitted from All Might with his speed in learning nature to become a real powerhouse over time.

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One character who has many unique and strong advantages is Tsuyu Asui, a straightforward person who is not afraid to speak up even in difficult situations. She has a strong moral compass and often acts like a big sister within the class, which suits her given her upbringing. Overall, he’s an incredibly strong character who brings a lot of positives to the table.

ten Her home life instilled in her a level of maturity unmatched among her peers.

Tsuyu comes from a decent sized family whose parents always work hard to support them, which means that much of the responsibility for raising her two younger siblings falls on Tsuyu. While this is not a perk in itself, the level of maturity it gives it certainly does have its perks. She is able to maintain her composure in stressful situations while acting as an unparalleled level of emotional support for her teammates.

9 She has a strong moral compass that is not easily challenged, even by friends

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Tsuyu has incredibly strong morals and principles that are not easily challenged. Being an incredibly good person overall, it’s obvious her morals would never be questioned by bad guys, but friends can often be a different story for a lot of people.

Rather, Tsuyu is able to stick firmly to his beliefs, as shown by his classmates who begin to form their team in an attempt to save Bakugo. She strongly opposes this, firmly believing that breaking the law even to save their friend would not make them better than bad guys.

8 She’s been an honor student since middle school

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One of Tsuyu’s greatest strengths is that she is good at studying despite her sometimes distant appearance. This goes hand in hand with her high level of maturity as well as her big sister attitude, wanting to set the best possible example for others. She has actually been ranked as an honorary student since middle school and placed sixth overall at the midpoint of her class. She also managed to place thirteenth overall in the Quirk Apprehension Test.

seven She is a reliable ally who can reliably cover just about any partner’s weaknesses.

tsuyu and tokoyami my hero

Due to her status as a top student for several years, Tsuyu has excellent judgment as well as the self-confidence to follow through on her decisions without a doubt. She is a reliable ally who is not easily moved by emotions and can keep her partner calm, being viewed by Recovery Girl as a perfect pillar of emotional support.

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Additionally, she is mature and possesses the ability to cooperate and work well with just about anyone. Finally, due to the incredibly versatile nature of her Quirk, she is able to cover up any weaknesses in her ally, whatever they may be.

6 She masters short and long range combat without any obvious drawbacks

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Tsuyu is an incredibly talented fighter who faces no noticeable difficulty in close combat or long range. This is mainly due to the many benefits his Quirk grants him, being able to move at high speed with surprisingly powerful kicks serving as melee attacks. In addition to its close-range prowess, its frog-shaped tongue is quite long and can serve as an offensive or defensive tool depending on the situation.

5 She has an automatic aquatic advantage over her counterparts and most villains.

tsuyu asui swimsuit

With his Quirk giving him the ability to do “pretty much anything a frog can do,” in his words, Tsuyu automatically excels in aquatic environments compared to his peers and villains. She is able to move freely in the water without sacrificing her strength or agility, which would instantly cripple most other characters. She has proven to be proficient in both combat and rescuing casualties underwater, adding to her versatility as an almost unmatched support hero.

4 She is talented enough to be noticed and recommended by one of the top ranked members of the UA student body.

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The recognition Tsuyu receives for his talents in both combat and support situations is not only noticed by his classmates and teachers. Along with Ochaco, Tsuyu is interested in Nejire, a third year student and one of the Big Three who ranks at the top of the student body in terms of strength.

Due to this interest, the two may receive his recommendation to complete their work studies under Ryukyu, one of the top ten professional heroes. This is a golden opportunity for Tsuyu because of his skills.

3 Its frog-like mucus can be used to induce powerful effects such as paralysis

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Tsuyu’s Frog Quirk grants him many advantages in the areas of movement, combat, and support. Many of these are pretty obvious when viewed with her Quirk in action, but a less obvious and slightly coarse feature of her Quirk that can also deliver a powerful punch involves her mucous membranes.

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Tsuyu has the ability to secrete mucus which can provide a variety of different uses, the most potent of which is to inflict paralysis. She is also able to use it on her allies in order to mask their scent from enemies with scent-based powers.

2 She is incredibly popular with fans in the United States and Japan.

Tsuyu is not only popular among his classmates for his reliable personality and exceptional supportive abilities. She is also loved by fans around the world, as indicated by official popularity polls in Japan and the United States.

She ranks sixth in the first Japanese popularity poll and ninth in the second, which isn’t a big drop considering the number of characters who have grown considerably between the two polls. She ranks even higher with the American public, reaching second place in the first American poll and fifth in the second.

1 She notes that her life is wonderful and has loving friends and family

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All one can really ask for is the ability to honestly say that they are happy with their own life, and this is something Tsuyu notes as being true for herself. This despite the fact that she herself has to take on many responsibilities at home and towards her younger siblings from an early age.

Her home life is loving and positive overall, and she has also been fortunate to have many treasured friends throughout her time at UA.

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