My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 15 Review: One Thing at a Time

“One Thing at a Time” is a very exhibition-heavy episode and most of it is devoted to characters lost in panic about what to do in the future, rather than acting in the moment. It still produces compelling material because the stakes are so high and it really feels like a changing of the guard is on the way after a serious loss. Midoriya and company still have a lot to learn, but they have grown more and more impressive to the point that sometimes their moments of naivety ring true.

It would lead to a fascinating change of pace if the Hero Association faced true tragedy and had no other recourse but to embrace the next generation of heroes, who hopefully endured enough trials by fire. to take over. It also reinforces the harsh loving approach Endeavor continues to spit on Midoriya and Bakugo, as if he knows it would better prepare them for the lawless society that may be forming.

Endeavor is more practical with its approach on how to deal with this growing problem. He emphasizes how rescue, evacuation and combat are the three fundamental principles of heroism, which he tries to reinforce in his new students through “parallel processing” where these three maneuvers merge into one. priority. Izuku, Katsuki, and Shoto are tasked with synthesizing these skills and apprehending a villain before Endeavor, which is a fun challenge, but unfolds in a pretty predictable way.

Endeavor is successful, but his new 1-A proteges study his moves and learn to apply them to their own Quirks in a comparable fashion, making them better fighters. It’s still very gratifying to see this trio of characters working together as a unit and it feels like the perfect warm-up for what’s to come in the next one. My hero university movie. An awkward romance is also to immediately blossom between Bakugo and Pro Hero, Burnin.

The second half of “One Thing at a Time” seems slightly regressive due to the considerable time she spends updating Endeavor on Deku and Katsuki’s accomplishments and the specifics of Quirk, which audiences already know by heart. There’s still fun in having fun with this encore, like Deku’s endless rambling on his Quirk and the precise analytical details behind it all. It’s a perfect moment of character. Midoriya’s Quirk can technically be One For All, and now Black Whip, but it often feels like “Nerdy Ramble” is the hero’s true special power.

No one invites Shoto to go through the same level of introspection as Midoriya and Bakugo, but it helps to have a little more context for his recent actions. Shoto hasn’t fully forgiven Endeavor for his past and while he’s comfortably able to train under him, it’s also clear that Shoto is benefiting to some extent from his father by learning from him. He compartmentalizes this progress so that it is not mistaken for genuine kindness or understanding.

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