Nanango student wins scholarship –

Harding Miller Education Foundation Executive Director Cara Varian and Principal Irene Miller with Nanango State High School student Rhiannon Ryan (Photo: HMEF)

July 4, 2022

A student at Nanango State High School has been awarded a $20,000 scholarship to help her with her studies over the next four years.

Rhiannon Ryan was the proud recipient of the Harding Miller Education Foundation Scholarship.

Kim Harding and Irene Miller established the Harding Miller Education Foundation in 2015.

The scholarship program aims to support high potential 9th ​​grade girls who may be socio-economically disadvantaged.

Since its launch in 2016, the Harding Miller Education Foundation has supported over 800 scholars at 352 high schools across Australia.

Executive Director Cara Varian said the scholarships provided the girls with a new laptop, high-speed internet connections, tutoring, career guidance and support to help cover the costs of uniforms, books and school expenses.

“Where these young women have faced barriers, we are providing a pathway for them into school and also potentially into college,” Ms. Varian said.

“These students have the potential to become leaders in their field and we hope the scholarship will provide them with the support they need to understand and realize that potential.”

Rhiannon said the additional financial and educational support would be of great benefit to her learning.

“I live on cattle property, in a rural area, and I spend three hours a day commuting to and from school,” she said.

“My parents’ business was badly affected by the drought and we suffered extreme financial, mental and emotional hardship during the 2019-20 drought, the worst in living memory.

“We are currently in the rebuilding and recovery phase, and without support higher education options are limited for my siblings and me.

“I have a keen interest in sustainable agriculture and plan to pursue a career in that direction.”

The Harding Miller Education Foundation distributed 162 scholarships across Australia this year.

Ms Varian said applications will soon be open for the next round of scholarships and she encouraged girls in grade 8 who think they might be eligible to consider applying.

“If you’re a girl in Grade 8, who thinks your lack of a computer, internet, or mentorship is keeping you from succeeding, we’d love to hear from you,” Ms. Varian said.

“And of course, we would love to hear from more generous donors who can help us fund this program and the wonderful results it generates for young women.”

Scholarship applications for 2023 will open on July 13 and close on September 14.

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