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On Friday, cattle producers and buyers attending the Northeast Texas Beef Improvement Organization (NETBIO) cattle sale at the Sulfur Springs Livestock Auction witnessed the awarding of college scholarships to majoring students. in agriculture.

NETBIO awards these scholarships annually to young college students from the Northeast Texas area who wish to complete their education and return to the area to pursue their agriculture-related careers.

The scholarships were created in honor of veterinarian JD Norris and breeder Jim Jacobs, both of whom were instrumental in organizing NETBIO. The organization also awards scholarships in honor of its retired and longtime CEO, Dwyatt Bell.

NETBIO CEO Kregg Slakey presented nine scholarships and introduced the recipients to the cattle sale audience. Brook Jester of Bivins, TX, who attends Stephen F. Austin, $1,500, and Ashlynn Sanders of Leesburg, TX, who attends TAMU-C, $500, received the two Dwyatt Bell scholarships.

Ashlie Thompson of Lindale, Texas Tech undergrad, $1,500, received all four JD Norris scholarships; Hunter Grant of Pittsburg, TX, a TAMU undergraduate, $1,500; Ty Salisbury of Wills Point, TX, TAMU undergraduate, $1,000, and Kailey Clarke of Bullard, TX, TAMU undergraduate, $1,000.

Makenzie Newton of New Boston, TX, TAMU 1 received all three Jim Jacobs NETBIO year masters, $1,500; Macie McCollum of Bellevue, TX, junior TAMU, $1,500, and Claire McCracken of Mt. Pleasant, junior TAMU.

Speaking on behalf of the members, Slakey said that NETBIO members are proud of young people pursuing agricultural degrees and happy that through these scholarships NETBIO members/growers can help them achieve their dream.

NETBIO was organized in 1996 to promote the production of preconditioned feeder and feeder calves and to organize sales offering producers the possibility of selling their cattle in complete lots. Eight sales are held each year in Sulfur Springs.

To receive a brochure and additional information about the organization and upcoming sales, call 903-885-2455.


Three of the Northeast Texas Beef Improvement Organization’s (NETBIO) nine 2022 college scholarship recipients were at the NETBIO Cattle Sale Friday to receive their awards. Kregg Slakey, left, presented the awards. The scholarship recipients, left to right, are Makenzie Newton of New Boston, Brook Jester of Bivins and Ashlyn Sanders of Leesburg.

2022 NETBIO Scholarship Winners

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