New Jersey Hall of Fame announces scholarship winners

Charlotte Stant and Lawrence Custis were named recipients of the 2021 New Jersey Hall of Fame Ridge Scholarship Fund, a $ 5,000 prize awarded annually to two high school graduates.

“The Arête Scholarship is an essential part of the mission of the NJHOF, and on behalf of our Board of Directors and many New Jersey supporters, we congratulate Charlotte Stant and Lawrence Custis for embodying the ideals of the Arête concept. Said Steve Edwards, president of the New Jersey Hall of Fame.

The New Jersey Hall of Fame is partnering with the New Jersey Education Association (NJEA) on the program, with the two organizations jointly reviewing all inspiring nominations.

Charlotte recently graduated from Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School in Rumson, New Jersey. She is attending Boston University and plans to major in International Business and be a minor in Spanish.

Lawrence graduated from Creative Arts Morgan Village High School in Camden, New Jersey. He attended Howard University with the intention of majoring in mechanical engineering.

According to the NJHOF: The scholarship is named after the ancient Greek concept of “Ridge” of actualizing one’s highest sense of self with moral excellence of character, regardless of the circumstances or adversities one is likely to face on the market. path to greatness. Arête scholarship recipients must demonstrate qualities such as academic commitment, moral character, a commitment to their community, a sense of Jersey pride, and a plan on how they intend to achieve their highest sense of self: their Fish bone.

For more information on the Arête scholarship fund, Click here.

Congratulations to these two young people who represent the best of New Jersey!

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