New National University Center opens in Australia for aging research

Investing in health and medical research is a key pillar of the government’s long-term national health plan

Research into issues affecting older Australians has taken a new step with the opening of the new National University Center at Frankston Hospital, which will house the National Center for Healthy Aging.

Through a partnership between the government, Peninsula Health and Monash University, the academic center will work to transform the development, implementation, research and evaluation of health services for older people, as well as for people with addiction and mental health.

One of the Centre’s main research focuses will be exploring new and innovative ways to harness technology and data to help Australian seniors stay independent.

Health and Aged Care Minister Greg Hunt said the Center will deliver better ways to care for older Australians, with successful models that can then be rolled out nationally.

The Morrison government has invested $32 million in the Centre’s Healthy Aging component, implemented through the $1.25 billion Hospital and Community Health Program.

Supported by state-of-the-art ‘living labs’ for research activities and the latest technology, the new center will help deliver on the government’s commitment to ensuring that all Australians can access quality healthcare, when and where they need it.

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