One Parent Scholar House honors its graduates

LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18) – Just a few years ago, Gerald Savage and his two children lived in the basement of his mother’s house in Laurel County. On Tuesday, Savage graduated and plans to pursue a graduate degree in business at the University of Kentucky. He owes it to the hard work, dedication and people of One Parent Scholar House in Lexington.

Courtesy of Gerald Savage

“The donors and sponsors here are a wonderful blessing to all of us,” he said ahead of Tuesday’s reception for Scholar House graduate residents.

The One Parent Scholar House is home to 80 eligible single mothers or fathers pursuing a college education. It also provides daily on-site childcare, so parents don’t have to worry about the expense. Once accepted here, residents can stay with their children for as long as they are enrolled in college. 28 single parents graduated this spring. Some will leave for the job market, others like Gérald and his friend Caci Hisle will continue their studies.

“I’m going to medical school in the UK,” Hisle said after the reception. She is a mother of one child who now holds a UK Diploma in Medical Laboratories. Once in medical school, she plans to pursue a career in pathology.

“Dr. Caci Hisle! I can’t wait,” she said of the title she is striving for.


Courtesy of Caci Hisle

The campus here looks like any apartment complex, but the residents all have a lot in common: They’re single. They are related. And they seek to improve their lives through a college degree.

“Trying to raise kids, trying to do homework, some of them also work at the same time, so they support each other. They become friends, their kids grow up together,” said Katie Vogel of the Hope Center in Lexington. .

Caci said she still speaks regularly to past residents and doesn’t foresee it ever ending. Vogel noted that residents will lean on each other to babysit at night, so the other can have quiet time to study.

“I couldn’t have done it without my work-study programs, I couldn’t have done it without the mentors I had. And I couldn’t have done it without my neighbors,” Hisle said.

“Life changer. It’s life changing,” Mr. Savage said of One Parent Scholar House.

If you would like to learn more about One Parent Scholar House, including how to donate or volunteer, click here.

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