Oregon State wrestlers earn four All-American honors

DETROIT, Michigan – Oregon State Wrestlers Brandon Kaylor, Devan Turner, Grant Willit and Hunter Willits all earned All-American honors Friday night on Day 2 of the NCAA Championships at Little Caesars Arena.

The four honors are the highest in a single year for Oregon State wrestlers since 1995. Grant Willit will be competing for a shot at third place at 141 pounds in the final day of action on Saturday, while Kaylor (125), Devan Turner (133) and Hunter Willits (157) are all looking for a seventh place finish.

As a team, the Beavers had 38 points, tied with Princeton for 14and. OSU is just a half point behind No. 13 Oklahoma State.

Grant Willit went 2-1 on Friday, picking up a drop over No. 19 Chad Red of Nebraska in 3:45 to earn his first career All-American honor. Willits enters Saturday’s action on a two-game winning streak after ending Friday with a 14-10 decision over No. 10 CJ Composto of Pennsylvania. Willits will open his day against No. 6 Cole Matthews (Pittsburgh) on Saturday.

Kaylor earned his All-America honor with a 5:31 fall over No. 18 Noah Surtin of Missouri. He was pushed into the consolation round with a 7-3 loss to No. 3 Pat Glory (Princeton). He also lost a 6-1 decision to No. 10 Michael DeAugustino of Northwestern. He will conclude his tournament with a fight against number 6 Eric Barnett (Wisconsin), whom Kaylor beat 9-3 on Thursday.

Turner finished 3-1 on Friday. He opened the day with a 9-2 victory over No. 28 Sidney Flores (Air Force), then advanced with a 2-1 win over No. 20 Chance Rich (CSU Bakersfield). Turner earned his second career All-American honor with an 8-4 victory over No. 25 Brian Courtney (Virginia), but lost a 6-2 decision to No. 4 Korbin Myers (Virginia Tech) to end his evening. Turner will face number 10 Chris Cannon (Northwestern) on Saturday.

Hunter Willits went 1-2 that day, but his 7-6 decision over No. 22 Dezjon Casto of The Citadel gave him his first career All-American honor. He opened the day with a 3-1 loss to No. 8 Will Lewan (Michigan) and concluded it with a 4-1 loss to No. 10 Peyton Robb of Nebraska. He will face number 11 Austin O’Connor (North Carolina) on Saturday.

Four OSU wrestlers had their tournaments completed on Friday. Gary Traub (heavy weights), Cory Crooks (149) and Matthew Olguin (165) all went 1-1, while Trey Munoz (184) season concluded with a 0-2 day.

#11 Brandon Kaylor – 125 pounds

Major decision win over #22 Ryan Miller (Pennsylvania), 16-4
Win by decision over #6 Eric Barnett (Wisconsin), 9-3
Lost by decision against #3 Pat Glory (Princeton), 7-3
Fall win #18 Noah Surtin (Missouri), 5:31
Loss by decision to #10 Michael DeAugustino (Northwestern), 6-1

#11 Devan Turner – 133 pounds

Won by decision over #22 Joe Olivieri (Rutgers), 10-4
Loss by decision against #6 Dylan Ragusin (Michigan), 4-2
Win by decision over #28 Sidney Flores (Air Force), 9-2
Win by decision over #20 Chance Rich (CSU Bakersfield), 2-1
Win by decision over #25 Brian Courtney (Virginia), 8-4
Loss by decision against #4 Korbin Myers (Virginia Tech), 6-2

#8 Grant Willit – 141 pounds

Won by decision over #25 Carter Young (Oklahoma State), 5-3
Win by decision over #9 Allan Hart (Missouri), 3-1 (TB1)
Drop loss to No. 1 Nick Lee (Penn State), 3:45
Fall win over #19 Chad Red (Nebraska), 3:45
Won by decision over #12 CJ Composto (Pennsylvania), 14-10

#27 Cory Crooks – 149 pounds

Loss by decision to No. 6 Jonathan Millner (Appalachia State), 3-0
Win by decision over #22 Max Brignola (Lehigh), 7-6
Win by decision over #21 Marcus Robinson (Cleveland State), 5-3 (SV1)
Loss by decision to #19 Yahya Thomas (Northwestern), 4-1

#17 Hunter Willits – 157 pounds

Won by decision against #16 Brady Berge (Penn State), 2-1
Win by decision over #1 David Carr (Iowa State), 2-1 (TB1)
Lost by decision against #8 Will Lewan (Michigan), 3-1
Won by decision over #22 Dezjon Casto (The Citadel), 7-6
Loss by decision against #10 Peyton Robb (Nebraska), 4-1

#33 Matthew Olguin – 165 pounds

Win by major decision over #32 David Ferrante (Northwestern), 11-3
Major decision loss to No. 1 Evan Wick (Cal Poly), 11-3
Win by decision over #17 Brian Mayer (Lehigh), 3-1 (TB1)
Loss by decision against #18 Anthony Valencia (Arizona State), 3-1 (SV1)

#6 Trey Munoz – 184 pounds

Win by decision over #27 Keegan Moore (Oklahoma), 8-3
Win by major decision over #11 Jonathan Loew (Cornall), 12-2
Loss by decision to No. 3 Trent Hidlay (North Carolina State), 6-2
Major decision loss to No. 9 Marcus Coleman (Iowa State), 13-2

#11 Gary Traub – Heavy weights

Win by decision over #22 AJ Nevills (South Dakota State), 7-4 (TB1)
Loss by decision to #6 Jordan Wood (Lehigh), 6-0
Win by decision over #21 Tyrie Houghton (North Carolina State), 5-1 (SV1)
Loss by decision to #9 Lucas Davison (Northwestern), 8-2


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