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Fanhuaweiye Intellectual Property is composed of Beijing Fanhuaweiye Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd. and Beijing Fannuowei Law Firm, committed to providing efficient, high-quality and professional intellectual property legal services to domestic and foreign clients.

Fanhua Weiye’s intellectual property business covers all areas of intellectual property legal services, including intellectual property legal advice, patent / trademark applications, unfair competition, trade secret protection, enforcement page and intellectual property transactions, as well as intellectual property rights protection and litigation.

Fanhua Weiye Intellectual Property has a professional team with extensive professional coverage, rich experience and dedicated customer service. All officers have a master’s or doctorate; most of the partners have over 20 years of experience and have been accepted by European and American firms. Training in intellectual property law.

Intellectual Property Fanhua Weiye Adhering to the concept of service and the principle of first-class and first-class customer quality, making full use of the advantages of the team, providing a full range of intellectual property protection solutions for domestic customers and foreigners, seeking the best protection system for each customer’s different intellectual property needs, help create more business opportunities.

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