Police arrest academic director of private school in connection with suicide of 15-year-old student in Faridabad

Faridadabad: Haryana Police on Sunday arrested the senior academic coordinator of a leading private school in Faridabad in connection with the suicide of a 10th grade student. The 15-year-old, who suffered from dyslexia (a learning disability), ended his life by jumping from the 15th floor of his apartment in Haryana’s Greater Faridabad on Thursday night, leaving behind a heartbreaking note in which he accused the school principal and other children of harassing him about his sexuality.Also Read – 5 Breathtaking One-Day Road Trips From Delhi For A Quick Weekend Getaway

“Police have arrested Mamata, Principal of DPS Greater Faridabad University, in connection with the DPS student suicide case,” ANI news agency quoted Faridabad Police as reporting. Also Read – ‘Bullying was reported at school, no action taken’: Mother of Class X student who died by suicide in Faridabad

Arrested defendant denies charges of school administration inaction

Speaking to ANI on Saturday, Mamata Gupta, Principal Academic Coordinator of Delhi Public School (DPS) Greater Faridabad denied the allegations of harassment made by a 15-year-old boy in his suicide note and said the The school administration had conducted an investigation, but nothing incriminating was found. Also Read – Stuck in Kharkiv, Ukraine, Haryana student tells India.com about his ordeal

“She (the mother of the deceased) gave us a written document mentioning the names of the students who used to trouble her son. We investigated the issue and found nothing. The majority of students whose names were given by the mother are not there at school. We interviewed two or three students, who were part of the school, and found nothing,” Gupta said.

The mother of the pupil who committed suicide works as a teacher in the same school.

Denying the allegation that the school administration took no action despite repeated requests, the academic coordinator said: “She had only sent one letter. After which an investigation was carried out.

The mother of the deceased accuses the school administration of inaction

Aarti Malhotra, the mother of the boy who died on Saturday, told ANI news agency that she raised the issue of harassment and bullying of her son by some students with the school administration, but nothing came of it. has been done about it.

“I reported everything to the teachers concerned, gave the names of the students (who were harassing the deceased) to the director. The authorities assured us to take action but nothing was done and the school started blaming my son for taking unfair advantage of his disorder,” Malhotra said.

She added that while complaining, the teachers at the school also harassed her. “I was blatantly threatened by the school that they would not keep my son in school from next year,” Malhotra said.

Calling for justice for her son, the bereaved mother called on school authorities to take responsibility for the incident. “My son should get justice. High authorities and Delhi Public School Society (DPS) should take responsibility for admitting students without background checks just to make money,” she said.

Steps taken in the case so far

Haryana Police have filed an FIR in this case and the investigation is ongoing. Police arrested the school’s senior academic coordinator over allegations of inaction

Speaking to reporters on Friday, SHO Arjun Dhundhara of BPTP Police Station, where the FIR was lodged, said the boy had taken professional advice in Delhi for the matter.

Based on the mother’s complaint, the police registered a case of incitement to suicide against the headmistress and school management. “In her complaint, the boy’s mother, who taught at the same school, alleged that her son had told her almost a year ago that other students used to call him a homosexual,” the SHO said.

Police also recovered a suicide note where the boy asked his mother for forgiveness, saying, “You did everything you could but I didn’t come out stronger.” The incident has upset the family and raised serious questions about one of the top private schools in Faridabad.

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