Process and control today | VHX-7000 Versatility Brings Academic and Commercial Benefits to Leading UK University

A recent example involved a student who was looking to analyze mucus flows from coral samples. Here, the VHX-7000’s photography and time-lapse video functions proved invaluable, providing detailed high-resolution images.

inverted coral


Another project involved a doctoral researcher in geology working with microfossils. The VHX-7000’s multi-illumination capability, along with depth compositing and flexible scene and tilt functions, enabled the capture of high quality images on a non-destructive basis.


The VHX-7000 is even used in commercial projects undertaken by the University. A local company approached the team with a request to use the VHX-7000 and a scanning electron microscope to solve a problem with their production processes. The company was a producer of titanium aerospace fasteners, and a problem with forging these items resulted from contamination during the process. The VHX-7000 captured very detailed images of the contaminated areas and, in conjunction with the University’s electron microscope, ultimately enabled the company to identify where this problem was occurring in the process and take corrective action. appropriate.

A past R&D 100 award winner, the main advantages of a KEYENCE solution are speed, image quality, image enhancement, and the user-friendly operating system, which features images, prompts, and brief how-to guides, simplifying even technically complex features. use.

The VHX-7000 can perform 2D and 3D measurements in seconds, quickly switching between surface features, contamination, and grain size, among others. Data is stored on the built-in 1TB hard drive, the system is then able to generate automatic reports. Millions of images can be saved and then shared via LAN or USB as needed.

butterfly scales

A combination of optics, digital camera, electronics, software and a wide choice of motorized XYZ and rotary stages, allows all types of inspection and analysis to be performed through a single system . This means that applications traditionally performed on stereoscopic, metallurgical, measuring and even SEM microscopes can be transferred to the VHX-7000, as it combines the features of these four types of microscopes into one.

The ability to use the optical shadow effect mode also improves the quality of sample analysis in research, as this feature can detect surface defects and inconsistencies, rivaling images obtained by an SEM.

Richard Duff from the University of Derby commented: “The VHX-7000 is extremely beneficial to our operations here. It’s fast, repeatable, high-resolution, and has a wide variety of image-enhancing features, but it’s also very easy to use and very quick to train a new user. This is particularly beneficial as we frequently need to train new students to use the system, and its intuitive operating system makes this very easy.

“We chose KEYENCE because they are industry leaders and have the best product available in the VHX-7000, as well as excellent support. This is our first KEYENCE product. We are delighted with this purchase and when we need to expand our capabilities in this area, we will definitely turn to KEYENCE again.

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