Public schools prepare for the new school year

Public schools across the country are preparing to welcome students on August 14 after the summer holidays, local Arab daily Arrayah reported.

A number of school principals reported carrying out all the preparation, maintenance and renovation work necessary to ensure that schools are ready to receive students.
They pointed out that comprehensive maintenance works have been implemented in school buildings, including laboratories, classrooms and other services and administrative areas.

In addition, lists of required positions and vacant positions have been sent to the Ministry of Education and Higher Education to take the necessary steps.
Principals explained that maintenance work covered cleaning of air conditioning systems, water tanks and other water and electricity connections to ensure the health and safety of students, teachers and all other employees. In addition, lists of students from each class have been drawn up to prepare the necessary number of textbooks.

Rashid Mubarak al-Nuaimi, school principal, stressed that all the maintenance work at his school was done as part of the preparations for the new 2022-2023 school year. In addition, work is underway to make the necessary textbooks available to all students. before school starts.
Khalid al-Kaldi al-Yafei, a school principal, echoed al-Nuaimi’s words and also said that cleaning and sanitation processes had been undertaken to maintain the building and premises of the school at their best.

Another headteacher, Mohamed al-Hammadi, said electronic copies of the textbooks were sent to students through the relevant platform, along with messages urging them to prepare for another fruitful school year.
Salem Hashil, also a school principal, said the classrooms are being prepared to receive the students, equipping them to accommodate the indicated number of students, in a practical and comfortable manner. In addition, work is underway to see what is needed and the department is being consulted in this regard for supplies.

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