Researcher Jonathan Rauch, In Defense of the Truth


Disinformation. Troll on social networks. Block speech. What do these realities of modern life have in common? Jonathan Rauch says they are all signs of a society in the midst of an epistemic crisis. He has a rallying cry to defend objective truth.


Jonathan rauch, Principal Investigator at the Brookings Institution. Contributing writer at The Atlantic. Author of “The constitution of knowledge: a defense of the truth”. (@jon_rauch)

Book’s extract

Reprinted with permission from The Constitution of Knowledge: A Defense of Truth by Jonathan Rauch published by Brookings Institution Press, © 2021 by Jonathan Rauch.

From the playlist

National affairs: “The Constitution of Knowledge (2018)” – “Long before Donald Trump began his political career, he explained his attitude to the truth with characteristic brash. In a 2004 television interview with Chris Matthews on MSNBC, he spoke marveled at the Republicans’ successful attacks on the wartime heroism of Senator John Kerry, the Democratic presidential candidate. “

New York Times: “Speaking Truth to Both the Right and the Left” – “Like many public intellectuals who deserve to be read, George Packer and Jonathan Rauch do not follow a predictable line in the American political and intellectual debate. They despise Donald Trump. and the misinformation – the big discord it spawned. “

Symposium: “Epistemological Midisonianism” – “The signature of our current free speech debate is that it is not primarily about protecting the word of government. Rather, it is about the” culture of free speech. expression “. It is about intellectual openness and diversity as a cultural norm to be adopted by individuals and private institutions.”

Critical investigation: “Jeff Frenkiewich Reviews the Constitution of Knowledge” – “It seems America – the world – is in an epistemological crisis. , leaving ordinary citizens to wonder what is true. “


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