Revolutionary IP Bookmark Reduces Time-consuming Trademark, Patent and Copyright Searches to One Free Click… in Six Languages

NEW YORK, November 9, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Why spend hours browsing countless global databases for accurate information on intellectual property rights when IP Bookmark shortens searches with just one click?

No more browsing websites on each topic. Now the general public and lawyers will find complete, comprehensive and factual information on trademarks, patents and copyright in six languages ​​and in more than 130 regions To

Each international title links to the local official website, eliminating complicated searches and unreliable information.

Users can even bookmark their searches for future use and quick reference to

Here’s what IP Bookmark can do:

  • Brands cover fees, application schedule, preparation, application information, filing status, trademark management, transfer of ownership, litigation, lawsuits and appeals, laws and rules, trademark protection, hiring of a licensed lawyer, as well as a global trademark database.
  • Patents cover the basics such as the fees and schedule for processing an application, preparation, application, filing status, patent management, trial and appeal, laws and rules, including law on patents and a procedure manual, patent protection, hiring a patent attorney and international guidelines.
  • Copyright cover similar information needed, including forms, fees and payment, copyright registration, licensing, transfer of ownership, copyright protection, and finding copyright records. author are also included.
  • FAQ, databases and recommendations on related sites are offered in all three sections.

What else, IP Bookmark provides great tools for everyone!

  • Time tool includes conversion of almost all regions of the world and displays their current time. User can enter the target destination, and the map will highlight the location and display the current time.
  • Currency exchange tool covers 12 commonly used currency conversions and 68 currencies worldwide. Users can choose two currencies to convert or enter any number of currencies to convert.

IP Bookmark has also made these efforts to make searches more convenient:

  • Six languages for navigation include English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish and Arabic.
  • User-friendly mobile interface is simple, clear and available anytime, anywhere. Users can even use their mobile phones to open the website at their convenience.

About the IP
IP Bookmark was created to end the confusion and massive amount of IP information, and to address the lack of a full IP browsing website. The site welcomes comments and suggestions for improvement from users of

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