Riot apologizes after filing DMCA takedown to artist over ‘Arcane’ copyright

Riot Games has apologized after issuing a DMCA takedown for “Arcane” copyright after claiming that a little artist’s t-shirt design was its intellectual property.

Riot’s League of Legends-inspired Netflix series Arcane has exceeded many’s expectations. Arcane not only brought a fresh look to the popular MOBA, but also made some fans fall in love with the game all over again.

Months after the show launched, Riot’s operations haven’t gone so well, as they issued a DMCA takedown to a small-time artist who created an unrelated “Arcane Flames” comic. with their IP League of Legends.

On January 28, the Ukrainian artist KuttySark asked for help on Twitter after his t-shirt design received a DMCA takedown notice from Riot Games Inc.

Riot Games claimed that my original artwork was their intellectual property,” the artist said.

“I’m just a girl from Ukraine and I don’t have a voice if a big company like Riot Games claims my work belongs to them, even if all the facts prove them wrong.”

The artist continued in a thread explaining that she had filed a counterclaim, but that it would have been denied because “Riot Games’ claim is valid because they are Riot Games.”

Luckily, the League of Legends community came together and got the artists back. They finally shed enough light on the situation to resolve the issue.

hours later To KuttySark’s call, Riot Games responded by thanking the community and noting that the takedown request was made in error.

Riot explained that there are several teams working to protect their intellectual property, and they will continue to investigate to see what happened.

As mentioned by some community members, many businesses use AI to search for images and phrases that match their property.

Large companies use AI scraper to find key images/phrases that match their IP,” says a commentatoradding that if a match exceeds a certain percentage, a DMCA request is sent.

Luckily for the artist, Riot at least acknowledged that the takedown request was a mistake.

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