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Corsair IMPACT – November 22, 2021

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Name and birthplace: Espen Lagarde. Chavenay from France
Class, Major, Sport: Junior, Business administration, Men’s tennis

What does it mean to you to be a UNO scholarship holder?
For me, being a UN scholarship holder, getting a degree and continuing to grow in tennis has always been a dream of mine. In France, obtaining a diploma by practicing and competing at a very high level is very difficult, if not impossible. Therefore, coming to the University of New Orleans allows me to pursue my dream while getting an amazing education. With the help of amazing teammates, coaches, medical staff, and informative and helpful staff, this scholarship means more than many could comprehend.

What impact has athletics had on your life?
Athletics has impacted my life so much that I decided to build my life around it. Every moment of my day is all about how I can be a better athlete and a better person at the same time. The values ​​shared in every sport and in most athletes help me grow slowly but steadily, until, hopefully, one day I become the person I want to be.

What is your favorite thing about life in New Orleans?
What I love most about New Orleans is the energy that everyone has. People are caring and very “human” in this city and the university. Everyone is always full of good vibes and in my opinion it creates a feel good environment.

What are you enjoying?
I think I’m closer to my husky at home than anyone else. I wouldn’t call my parents on facetime without having a moment with him.

Coach Burzis Kanga’s comments:
Espen has shown leadership on and off the pitch and represents us on the SAAC (Student Athlete Advisory Council). He’s just a great person with good moral integrity and he works very hard. Espen has made great strides and he will be a key player in our quest for a conference championship. I really appreciate his presence and he makes a noticeable difference in this team.

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