The Intellectual Property Quiz

Q1. The red dome of the Taj Mahal Palace hotel has been an integral part of the Mumbai skyline since 1903. Today, this 114-year-old landmark hotel is also unique from an intellectual property perspective. How?

Q2. Whose trademark?

Q3. It’s called a Pentalobe, has a patent. Where is it used?

Q4. Alan Mulally was the former CEO and President of Ford Motor Company. His accomplishments are mentioned in the book “An American Icon: Alan Mulally and the Fight to Save Ford Motor Company” by Bryce G Hoffman, published in 2012. He mortgaged something unique after taking over as CEO. What has he mortgaged?

Q5. This patent (1778) is held by Joseph Barmah. What is the previous version?

Q6. In December 2013, an application was filed to register an intellectual property (IP) for a white fabric with three blue borders. The outer border being wider than the two inner ones. After considering some legal proceedings for nearly three years, on September 4, 2016, the registrations were granted under the concept of color mark protection.
What unique garment is it in India that now has IP status?

Q7. What did McDonald’s do with its brand to celebrate International Women’s Day in 2018?

Q8. Which clothing brand/company owns the “Modi Kurtas & Jackets” brand?

Q9. The Brazilian shoe company “Grendene” has produced this special range of sandals and flip flops. They have deposited something special in these series in addition to his drawings. What did they deposit?


The red dome of the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel is the first building in India to get a mark

Oreo cookies

This is the Apple design for a screw for which it has a patent and which is used in smartphones

The Ford logo

Flush toilet

Mother Teresa’s blue-trimmed saris

For the first time in the brand’s history, it “turns its iconic arches upside down…” [from an “M” to a “W”] in honor of the extraordinary achievements of women around the world

Jadeblue Lifestyle India Ltd

Bubble Gum fragrance for sandals. Brazilian footwear company Grendene successfully dropped its line of gum-scented jelly sandals in June 2015

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