To intellectual success and beyond! CSU Long Beach Convocation explains how to build a better beach – Press Telegram

Expand access to higher education. Promote intellectual achievement. Build a community. And, overall, keep building a better beach.

These were among the myriad of goals set out when California State University Long Beach faculty, staff, students, and community members attended the college’s annual convocation on Friday, August 19 at the Carpenter Performing Arts. Center.

During the event, CSULB President Jane Close Conoley outlined what’s on the horizon for the institution, including taking further steps to realize the school’s ongoing Beach 2030 plan. .

Launched in 2018, the Beach 2030 plan has five strategic priorities that align with the university’s mission, vision, values ​​and framework for future university action plans that include technological, economic, socio-political and environmental factors that will have an impact on higher education.

“Beach 2030 is our ambitious campus strategic plan to transform our institution and create a lasting beach legacy,” said Karyn Scissum Gunn, CSULB Vice President and Senior Vice President.

“The common threads of equity, diversity and inclusion are central to and intertwined throughout the Beach 2030 plan,” Gunn said.

As the campus and its community have been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic and the ongoing fight for racial equality, the plan has adapted to the challenges, according to the Beach 2030 website.

“It is now more important than ever that we stay focused on the future,” Conoley said during his speech.

Leadership teams and task forces across campus have launched dozens of projects to realize the aspirations of Beach 2030’s seven action areas, Conoley said.

Conoley recognized some of these projects, including the Division of Student Affairs (DSA) and their efforts to create an equitable and empowering culture and student-ready university by increasing the number of counselors, piloting a peer-to-peer outreach program and creating the “Healthy Living at The Beach” supported by a $400,000 grant to create a mobile crisis unit.

“Another Beach 2030 win is that our building services team partnered with DSA and successfully secured over $53 million in public funding to help build more affordable campus housing,” Conoley said. , which will add 450 additional beds for students.

With the Beach 2030 plan in mind, Conoley said, management has also reinvented Long Beach College’s pledge to CSULB to raise funds for scholarships, plan cohort enhancement activities and special counseling opportunities.

The audience repeatedly forced Conoley to pause to applause as she spoke about all the projects in different departments, which aligned with the goals of the 2030 plan as well as opportunities for students to achieve academic success. superior.

“I’ve only mentioned a few of the things that are happening to bring our Beach 2030 plan to life,” she said. “I do this to inspire you all to think about strategies, projects and events that will do the same in our seven action areas.”

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